Valuing & Selling Cards

If you want to get some idea of the value of your cards, you can do this with the help of our catalogue, which covers virtually all the cards that are likely to come into your possession. They will give you an indication of your cards comparative worth in top condition. Do please bear in mind that the most important consideration affecting the value of cards is their condition. If they are stuck down, damaged or substandard in any way, this will greatly reduce their value.

2020 Cigarette and Trade Card Catalogue
Covering over 16,800 series (464 pages)

It is in five sections and gives up-to-date values for cards, silks and special albums in top condition.

Section 1 British Tobacco Issuers – Contains details of over 5575 series of cigarette cards, silks and albums issued at home and abroad from the 19thcentury to the present day. Contains cards issued by John Players & Sons, W D & H O Wills, Gallaher, Ogdens as well as the lesser known issuers.

Section 2 Foreign Tobacco Issuers – Contains details of over 1665  series by issuers mainly from English speaking countries like U S A, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, but also covers cards from Malta, South Africa, Far East etc.

Section 3 Reprinted Series– Contains details of over 385 sets officially reprinted series of cigarette cards, but also includes some trade card reprints,. 

Section 4 Trade Card issues– Contains details of over 7670  series of trade cards, silks and albums. This section has been completely updated with the new issues - over 100 sets in the past twelve months, plus additional older series. It covers a magnificent selection of well over 7,565 series by non-tobacco firms, such as Brooke Bond Tea, Bassett, A & BC Gum, Topps, as well as the newer companies like Rittenhouse, Golden Era, Rockwell, Hunter etc. Cards from the early 1900s by Fry’s chocolate and Cadbury right up to the latest series of Film Stars, Star Wars, TV & Films, Cricket, Footballers, Military, Motoring etc.

Section 5 Liebig Card Issues from Series 301 to 1871 – Lists over 1,570 superbly printed series issued in Europe between 1891 and 1975, (all except the earliest) by this company.

The catalogue also contains a section of 149 full colour illustrations and an Index of Brands

Price: £12.50

Shipping Handling

Orders are sent post free to UK addresses, but for orders under £25.00 (or £10.00 for LCCC's Card Collectors Club members click here for information) there is a handling fee of £2.00. Overseas postage will be charged at cost with no handling fee. Prices include VAT (UK tax). Orders dispatched to outside the European Community will have 15% deducted re UK tax. 

Selling your cards

If you are thinking of selling your cards, our catalogue will give you an indication of their comparative worth in top condition, but please remember to deduct VAT which is included in the catalogue price. The most important consideration is the condition of the cards. Where possible please send a list of what you have to see if we would be interested.

If they are stuck down or are sub-standard in any way this brings down their value considerably and generally speaking we are not interested if cards are sub-standard or stuck down even if they are in their special albums.

Having decided that you wish to sell your cards, please remember that we must examine the cards in order to assess their worth - We do not make offers for cards without seeing them first. Please pack them carefully and post them to us, remembering to enclose your name and address. We will then inspect them and will send you a form indicating our offer. If you do not wish to accept the amount shown, the cards will be sent back to you on receipt of the return postage (including VAT). Please look at condition of cards before sending to us.