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21st May 2018

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Beauties of Today 2nd Series 1940
Phillips Miscellaneous Cigarette Cards Beauties of Today 2nd Series 1940 Beauties of Today 2nd Series 1940 36 -
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Beauties of Today 2nd Series 1940

Issuer: Phillips Condition: Very Good to Excellent * These are original and NOT reprints Number of cards in set: 36

Price for complete set: Catalogue Price £40.00 Special Offer £26.00

May Special Offers:

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Oliver Military & Armed Forces German Uniforms 1971 German Uniforms 1971 50 - Tony Oliver was a collector of military vehicles and expert on the Second World War who has produced sets on German transport, orders and decorations etc., and he now turns his attention to German uniforms. Some of the cards just picture the uniform and cap on their own, but the rest contain drawings of individuals in their uniforms. Included are a Drum Major of the H.J. Obergebiet 1 (Ost), a Marinescharführer (H.J. Obergebiet 3 West), a Sturmführer with pack of S.A. Group Niederrhein and numerous examples of the uniforms of the dreaded S.S. The limited text on the back just tells the rank, unit and the date they first saw service in 1933. These are both interesting and chilling at the same time, but are sure to appeal to anyone with an interest in the period. Size 62 x 36mm.
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German Uniforms 1971

German Uniforms 1971

Oliver - 50 in set

Catalogue Price £15.00 Special Offer £10.00

Northamptonshire C.C.C. Cricket Northamptonshire County Cricket 1905/1985 Northamptonshire County Cricket 1905/1985 30 - These contain colour caricatures of Northamptonshire players from 1905, when the club got first class status, through 80 years to 1985 when this series was produced. The cards have no borders or framelines and are backed with vital statistics about the cricketer concerned. Among those included are the legendary A.J. Lamb, B.S. Bedi, G. Cook, Safraz Nawaz who also made numerous test appearances for Pakistan, all-rounder P. Willey, D.S. Steele who made his debut in 1963, batsman R. Subba-Row from the 1955 side, 1950s bowler F.H. Tyson, 1930s batsman D. Brookes the club’s most prolific run getter, A.H. Bakewell from the 1928 side who’s career was cut short by a motor accident, off-spin bowler V.W.C. Jupp from 1923, B.W. Bellamy who in 1985 was the oldest living Northants cricketer at 94 years of age, 1919 bowler C.N. Woolley, brother of Frank Wooley of Kent, C.J.T. Pool their most outstanding batsman in 1905 and G.J. Thompson who helped them earn first class status in 1905. Size 72 x 37mm.
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Northamptonshire County Cricket 1905/1985

Northamptonshire County Cricket 1905/1985

Northamptonshire C.C.C. - 30 in set

Catalogue Price £15.00 Special Offer £10.00

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Lot 111

Any month with two bank holidays has got to be good, but May is extra special because of our auction on the 26th which contains 414 lots of sets, part sets, odd cards and other card associated items many of which are estimated £10 or under. As usual in this introduction we have picked a star lot to review and this month it is lot 111 F & J Smith 50 Derby Winners from 1913 which with a few fair cards is estimated at £600. The horses include Ormonde the winner of the 1886 Derby, which was ridden by F. Archer and owned by the Duke of Westminster. For further information about any lot, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone 01458 273452 or via e-mail cards@londoncigcard.co.uk

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May New Issues:

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Sanitarium (Australia) Cricket Australian Test Cricketers 1994 (Weet-Bix Issue) Australian Test Cricketers 1994 (Weet-Bix Issue) M20 - These excellent colour caricatures of Australian cricketers by John Ireland are backed by plenty of career information. Produced in Australia under licence from County Print Services we believe these were issued with Sanitarium’s Weet-Bix breakfast cereal. The players are Mark Taylor, left handed batsman Justin Langer, David Boon, fast bowler Craig McDermott, Steve Waugh, wicket-keeper Ian Healy, Tim May, Damien Martyn, the legendary Merv Hughes, Dean Jones, Matt Hayden, Brendon Julian, bowler Bruce Reid, world famous bowler Shane Warne, Mark Waugh bother of Steve, Mike Slater, Michael Bevan, Glenn McGrath, Damien Fleming and Allan Border who was the most capped Australian cricketer at Test and One-Day level. Size 73 x 53mm
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Australian Test Cricketers 1994 (Weet-Bix Issue)

Australian Test Cricketers 1994 (Weet-Bix Issue)

Sanitarium (Australia) - M20 in set


Topps (USA) Pop Stars & Singers New Kids on the Block 2nd Series Stickers (Numbered 12 to 22) 1990 New Kids on the Block 2nd Series Stickers (Numbered 12 to 22) 1990 LT11 - These stickers were issued to accompany the 2nd card series and again picture the members of boy-band New Kids on the Block. The band is made up of Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Danny Wood and Joey McIntyre and all can be found pictured both on their own and posing with the rest of the band. The colour stickers are backed by board which contain additional images that can be put together to make a larger picture of the band. Size 89 x 63mm
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New Kids on the Block 2nd Series Stickers (Numbered 12 to 22) 1990

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