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Dandies 1932
Players Miscellaneous Cigarette Cards Dandies 1932 Dandies 1932 L25 -
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Dandies 1932

Issuer: Players Condition: Very Good to Excellent * These are original and NOT reprints Number of cards in set: L25 Abbreviations used for Number In Set:
EL = Extra Large; LT = Large Trade ( size 89 x 64mm); L = Large; M = Medium; K = Miniature.

Price for complete set: Catalogue Price £45.00 Special Offer £29.25

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Amalgamated Tobacco Military & Armed Forces Evolution of the Royal Navy 1957 Evolution of the Royal Navy 1957 25 -
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Evolution of the Royal Navy 1957

Evolution of the Royal Navy 1957

Amalgamated Tobacco - 25 in set

Catalogue Price £15.00 Special Offer £10.00

Abdulla Flowers and the Garden Old Favourites (Flowers) 1936 Old Favourites (Flowers) 1936 25 - Titled Old Favourites the 25 cards contain lovely colour pictures of more traditional garden flowers and the numbered backs give information about the plants including uses and flowering times. Some of the beauties included are the Tulip, which flowers at this time of year, the Tritoma which is better known as the Red Hot Poker, the Sunflower whose oily seeds we are told are enjoyed by chickens, the Snapdragon, the scented Stock, Sweet William, Polyanthus which was formerly known as “bunch-primrose” we are told, the stunning Peony, spring-flowering Pansy and Daffodil, easy to grow Nasturtium, cottage garden favourites the Lupin and Hollyhock, purple Iris, the Foxglove which the card tells us is the source of the drug digitalis, the quickly spreading Forget-Me-Not, plus the stunning Dahlia and Chrysanthemum, the fragrant Cabbage Rose and the later flowering Aster which puts on a show in September and October. Incidentally the back of the Lupin card tells us it will grow in poor soil as it has the power of utilizing nitrogen from the air to enrich the ground in which it grows making it suitable for any garden. This series is also issued by G Phillips.
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Old Favourites (Flowers) 1936

Old Favourites (Flowers) 1936

Abdulla - 25 in set

Catalogue Price £20.00 Special Offer £13.50

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Lot 20

There are some fantastic items in this auction, but one stood out and deserves to be our star lot. This is lot 20 Allen & Ginter Tob USA 50 Racing Colours of the World c1890 (estimated at £680 as it is in less than perfect condition). These are unusual as they show ladies in the colours of famous racehorse owners from around the globe. This presumably doubled the appeal as not only do you get cards on horse racing but you also get images of a tightly corseted ladies, some of whom know how to use a riding crop – racy in more ways than one! You can find details of some of the other highlights below, but make sure you read through the auction catalogue carefully so you don’t miss out. 
Other lots in the auction offer sets & type cards from as little as £2 a lot and many other card collecting items. Each lot is carefully described with its condition and estimated value.  A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet or click here for information, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner. . If you have any queries about any of the lots don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01458 273452 or cards@londoncigcard.co.uk 

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Wills Reprinted Series First Aid 1915 (C.C.S. reprint 1999) First Aid 1915 (C.C.S. reprint 1999) 50 - Originally issued in 1913 this printing has the album clause at the side of the text published in 1915.and this is a reprint of 1999. The original set would have been an important set as many could not afford to visit a doctor and there were more opportunities for injuries due to the war. There are comprehensive instructions on how to bandage virtually every part of the body, how to deal with fractures, perform artificial respiration, carry an injured person, remove foreign bodies and even put out a woman on fire! This last one was particularly important at the time as the combination of long skirts and open fires must have meant this was always a risk. There is plenty of helpful information on the reverse, although it is very much of the keep calm and carry on variety. For instance the treatment for skin peppered by shot says the pain is acute for a minute, but so long as they go to bed, have wet towels place on the area and the joints don’t swell there is no need to call a doctor! An interesting look at vintage healthcare. Size 68 x 36mm.
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First Aid 1915 (C.C.S. reprint 1999)

First Aid 1915 (C.C.S. reprint 1999)

Wills - 50 in set


County Print Cricket County Cricketers Autograph Series (without autograph as issued) Nos 1 to 72 1993 County Cricketers Autograph Series (without autograph as issued) Nos 1 to 72 1993 LT72 - These are action shots of cricketers with different colour borders for different clubs. At the bottom of the card is a box headed “Autograph” which is left blank for a signature. The backs give bowling and batting statistics plus other information about the player. Included in this batch are Hampshire’s David Gower, Gloucestershire wicket keeper R.C. Russell, Glamorgan’s Ottis Gibson, Graham Gooch the Essex and England batsman, Durham and England’s legendary batsman/bowler Ian Botham and Derbyshire and West Indies fast bowler Ian Bishop. A lovely set for any fan of the game. Size 88 x 62mm.
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County Cricketers Autograph Series (without autograph as issued) Nos 1 to 72 1993

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