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Lot 18

Our star lot this month is a real treat for football fans. This is lot 18 a Churchman set of 50 Footballers Photogravure Portraits c1913. With 2 cards good and the rest very good this is estimated at £2,200 (reserve £1,600). This includes players such as the Rev. K.R.G. Hunt who played for Crystal Palace, Burnley’s P. Bratley, W. Wedlock of Bristol City, C.M. Buchan of Sunderland etc. and the text on the backs give their height and weight as well as career statistics. 

Other lots in the auction offer sets & type cards from as little as £2 a lot and many other card collecting items. Each lot is carefully described with its condition and estimated value. You can find details of some of the other highlights below, but make sure you read through the auction catalogue carefully so you don’t miss out. If you have any queries about any of the lots don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01458 273452 or 

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Lots 1 to 75

Lot 43

The first item to catch our eye in this selection is another football set. This is lot 6 a Topps UK set of LT20 Match Attax Extra 2015/16 Magic Moments with foil fronts which is estimated at £20 in mint condition. The players include Petr Cech, Sergio Aguero, Christian Benteke and Jamie Vardy who are pictured in action on these shiny foil cards. Moving away from sport lot 17 is the charming Lambert & Butler set of 50 The Thames From Lechlade to London 1908 (estimated at £260). This is the issue with large numerals which takes us along the Thames in a series of colour pictures showing Pinkhill Lock, Iffley Mill, Abigdon, Pangbourne, Henley, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace etc. A lovely set with plenty of interesting text on the reverse. You are sure to get value for money with our next highlight as there are so many cards in the set, this is lot 19 an A & M Wix set of 250 Cinema Cavalcade 1st Series 1939 (estimated in G-VG condition at £360). This is made up of mixed sizes as it was issued. The stars, who are pictured in character, include Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, John Mills, Anna Neagle and Marlene Dietrich with brief write-up on the back. There are type cards between lots 34 and 70 amongst which are lot 39 a Richmond Cavendish type of Yachts c1900 featuring the Satanita owned by Mr C.D. Rose with text in gold on the black back (estimated £60) and lot 43 an F & J Smith type of Footballers brown back 1902, number 47, featuring ‘J. Peddie of Newcastle United (estimated at £50) and we love the fact that he looks like he is going out for the night with bowtie and suit rather than football kit. Also in this section are a number of Chinese type cards, then lots 71 to 73 are all empty waxed sales wrappers for Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back and we end at lot 75 with a German set from c1937.

Lots 76 to 150

Lot 103

Amongst the fine items in this section is lot 95 a Gallaher set of 100 English and Scotch Views c1910 which with a few fair otherwise good to very good is estimated at £350. These feature all sorts of buildings and landmarks from England and north of the border including Municipal Buildings in Glasgow, Clifton Suspension Bridge, London Bridge, Bath Abbey and the Burns Monument in Ayr. Despite the title Welsh views are also included such as Carnarvon Castle and the backs contain adverts for the company’s products. Lot 103 is an Anonymous set of K33 Film Stars size 51 x 28mm 1935 with selected numbers only issued Ref RB.125/ZJF-150-1 which is similar to the Bridgewater issues (estimated at £100). These tinted photos of actors and actresses, mainly from the silent era, include Clara Bow, Tom Mix, Harold Lloyd and Rudolph Valentino and have plain backs. We return to type cards between lots 109 and 138 amongst which are lot 126 an American Cigarette Co. China type of Flowers, number 45, Ref RB.118/161-2 with Chinese chop in the bottom left hand corner c1900, estimate £20, and lot 131 a Richie & Co type of Cricket Caricatures, number 5 1994 featuring Matthew Maynard of Glamorgan (estimated at £4). Lot 137 is an anonymous Victorian die cut greetings card with flower and imitation bow and lot 138 is a C.E. Longley & Co USA advert card c1900 picturing a black and white drawing of a boy and dog and captioned “Doggy did you fink I wanted to steal sumfin!” at the top with “$9.50 for a suit of clothes worth $15, $18, $20” at the bottom. (estimated at £15). There are more type cards between lots 140 and 142, then lots 143 to 146 are all postcards and this section ends at lot 150 with a Mobile Australia set of EL40 League Photos (Rugby League) 1971 ‘General N.S.W.’ issue (estimated at £28).

Lots 151 to 225

Lot 175

Another football set drew our eye in this section, namely lot 155 a Reddish Maid part set of 24 out of 25 International Footballers of Today 1966 (minus number 9) which is estimated at £230. These are excellent colour caricatures of players such as Jimmy Greaves, Dennis Law, George Best, Gordon Banks, Salvador Reyes, Florian Albert and Brazilian legend Pele. The fronts give their name and the country and team they play for whilst the backs give brief career details. Continuing the football theme lot 168 is the Ogdens set of 50 A.F.C. Nicknames 1933 which with 1 poor and some fair cards is estimated at £190. These contain humorous colourful cartoons associated with the team’s nickname with further details given on the numbered backs. Some nicknames are obvious such as Swindon Town being known as the ‘Railwaymen’ due to the town’s railway works, but some are less obvious like Sheffield Wednesday who are known as the ‘Owls’ because they used to play in the Owlerton area and Hull City who were called the ‘Tigers’ due to their amber and black kit. Fascinating stuff. Football fans are spoilt for choice in this section as our next item, lot 169, is another soccer set, namely Barratt 50 Famous Football Series A9 1961 which is estimated at £325.This contains colour head and shoulders pictures of well-known players from the era with a facsimile signature at the bottom and career details on the back. Featured are Liverpool’s Ian St. John, Manchester City’s Dennis Law, Blackpool’s Jimmy Armfield, Brian Clough of Middlesbrough and Arsenal’s Mel Charles. We change sports for our next set, namely lot 170 Ogdens 50 Owners Racing Colours and Jockeys 1906 which with a few good cards is estimated at £160. These picture jockeys in their racing colours and the name of the jockey and the owner of the colours is given on the numbered backs. Included in this batch are the wonderfully named Mornington Cannon in the colours of the Duke of Westminster, E. Wheatley in the colours of Mr G. Edwardes, Otto Madden in Mr W.M.G. Singer’s colours and William Griggs in the colours of Lord Rosebery. We return to football for our next highlight, lot 175 a Chix set of L48 Famous Footballers 2nd Series 1957 which is estimated at £295. These are colour action shots of players such as Roger Byrne, Danny Blanchflower and John Charles. Lots 178 to 197 are all Brooke Bond items including lot 184 a Brooke Bond Canada empty special album for Dinosaurs 1963 which in good to very good condition is estimated at £70. Lots 198 to 214 are all type cards including a number of overseas issues, then the next three lots are coupons and inserts and there are more type cards between 218 and 221. Lot 222 is a USA advert card, then lots 223 to 225, where this selection ends, are all postcards from the 1900s.

Lots 226 to 300

Lot 262

For a more unusual subject check out lot 234 a Lime Rock USA set of LT50 Bozo 1994. Bozo is a clown character originally created by A.W. Livingston for an album and read-along book in 1946. The licensing rights were bought by a business partnership headed by Larry Harman in 1956 who both played the clown and allowed shows to appear across America under franchise. The cards are a mixture of cartoons and real photographs and the backs form a large sectional picture. Lot 244 is the excellent A & BC Gum set of L88 Civil War News 1965 with an estimate of £300. This tells the story of the American Civil War in often gory pictures with the details given on the back in newspaper style. For something altogether more restful we recommend lot 245 a Moustafa set of 40 Leo Chambers Dogs Heads 1924 which is estimated at £125. Leo Chambers was an incredibly talented artist and that shows in this set. You may only see the head of the canines, but such a lot of character is contained in the drawing. Breeds featured include the Retriever, Pekinese, Bloodhound, Greyhound, Pug and Alsatian whilst the backs tell you about their characteristics. There are type cards between lots 260 and 287 amongst which is lot 262 a Bradford’s Tobacco type of Beauties CHOAB, number 43, ref H.21 c1900 (est. £40). This pictures an unknown lady in vibrant dress and hat. There is another postcard at lot 288 then lot 292 is a type card of John Drake Danger Man, number 14 dated 1966 and estimated at £8. Danger Man was a popular TV show in the 1960s and this black and white picture shows Drake outwitting a gunman. Lots 293 to 297 are all Liebig issues then this selection ends at lot 300 with Gallaher sets and part sets.

Lot 301 to 360

Lot 316

There are a number of varieties between lots 306 and 313, then lot 315 is a Richmond Cavendish part set of 31/40 Medals c1900 estimated at £425. These picture in colour decorations such as the Punniar 1843, North West Canada and Victoria Cross medals. Lot 316 is a J W Doyle Tobacco part set of EL13/18 Beauties numbered X1 to X18 c1925 (missing numbers 1,11,13,15 and 16) which is estimated at £180. This contains black and white photos of a lady and a girl in a variety of poses. It could be that the girl and lady are related or even the same person at different stages of their life. Either way these are lovely artistic shots with backs advertising Doyle’s tobacco products. There is a treat for Star Wars fans at lot 322 where there is a Topps UK set of LT66 Star Wars 2nd Series numbered 1A to 66A 1978 (estimated at £150). This has a red border and pictures characters and action from the popular original film. The backs are a mixture of facts about the actors, movie info and sectional picture cards. May the Force be with you if you are bidding on this one! There is a very different item at lot 339, a British American Tobacco South America part set of 50/100 Transfers with Spanish text on the reverse RB.21/587 c1930 which are estimated at £145. These colourful transfers measure 62 x 40mm with wording 37mm deep and numbers 1 to 50 are complete and picture children playing, cartoon characters, flowers, buildings etc. Lots 350 to 357 contain our selection of autograph and promo cards, amongst which is lot 349 a Strictly Ink autograph card of Doctor Who 1st Series, number A5 The Eighth Doctor Paul McGann 2000 (mint, est. £40).  The last two items in this auction (ending at lot 360) are both LCCC type albums and leaves. With so much variety there should be something for everyone and good luck with your bids.

The Catalogue, which contains a full description of all 360 lots, can be obtained FREE of charge by writing to The London Cigarette Card Company Limited at the address below or by telephone, fax or e-mail (see request form at the bottom of the page). A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet, which comes with the free auction catalogue, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner.

Please note there are no additional charges to bidders for buyers premium etc.

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