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Lot 19

Amongst the 360 lots in this month’s auction are some interesting cards many of which are mentioned in this preview, but if you have question about any of the lots please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01458 273452 or via e-mail We always select a star lot and this month this is lot 19 a Cohen Weenen set of 60 Football Captains 1907-08 which is estimated at £850. Considering these cards came out before the First World War the colours are surprisingly vibrant and players include R. Crompton who played for Blackburn Rovers and was England captain in 1906/07, Newcastle’s A. Gardner and C. Roberts of Manchester United. 

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Lots 1 to 75

Lot 3

Amongst the sets at the start of this section lot 3 caught our eye. This is a Cadet set of 50 Stingray 1965 (in mint condition estimated at £50) which contains colour drawings based on the children’s TV show by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson in which puppets let by Troy Tempest explored the underwater world. Rather than focus on storylines from the show these cards introduce us to the characters and then move on to the futuristic buildings and equipment that brought the show to life. A different Gerry Anderson show can be found at lot 18, namely the Somportex set of L73 Thunderbirds coloured issue dating from 1966 which with a few cards fair otherwise good to very good is estimated at £480. A favourite of most children growing up in the sixties/seventies this puppet-based series covered the adventures of an international rescue organization and these colour pictures look at the characters and craft with information about them on the back. Lot 20 offers us colourful cards on a completely different subject. This is the Kinney Tobacco USA set of 50 National Dances with a white border on the front and checklist on the back issued c1890. Some have slight damage so the estimate is just £560. These include French Can Can, Spanish Fandango, Algerian Foulard and German dancers. Next, at lot 30, is a Cornerstone USA set of LT3 The Avengers Return promo cards numbered C1, C2 and C3 from 1995 which in mint condition is estimated at £6. Lots 33 to 66 are all type cards amongst which is lot 35 a Clarke type of Cricketer Series, number 20 1901 (in VG condition estimated at £220) which features A. Ward of Lancashire who in 1900 scored 1531 runs. Lot 67 is an advert card and lot 68 is a typecard then lots 69 to 71 are all empty waxed sales wrappers. Lots 72 to 74 are all Whitbread type cards and this section ends with lot 75 a Somportex type of John Drake Danger Man number 17 1966 estimated at £8.

Lots 76 to 150

Lot 96

Definitely worth a mention in this section is lot 81 a Planet part set of L47/50 Racing Cars of the World 1959 which with some good cards otherwise very good is estimated at £100. The colour pictures not only show drivers like Stirling Moss and Juan Manuel Fangio, but also some of the great racing cars of the period and is a must for any motor racing fans. Next there are a couple of excellent sports sets at lots 96 and 97. Lot 96 is the Churchman set of 50 Prominent Golfers 1931 (estimated at £800) containing colour caricatures by ‘Mel’ of golf stars such as Bobby Jones, Joyce Wethered, Abe Mitchell and Walter Hagen. Lot 97 is a Gallaher set of 100 Famous Cricketers 1926 (estimated at £385) which contains black and white pictures of players such as J.B. Hobbs, C.B Fry and legendary cricketer W.G. Grace with plenty of information on the reverse about the cricketers. If you want something a bit different then lot 104 Take 5 Cards L36 General Interest c2010 (mint, estimated at £18) could be for you. We believe this is a set that was unissued and covers astronomy, animals, aviation, birds and cars on colourful cards with black border and rounded corners. The backs are full of facts about the subject including a mini photo of the photographer who supplied the picture. Lots 111 to 144 are all type cards amongst which are a number of overseas issues and lot 139 a Barratt type of Naval Ships ‘H.M.S. Submarine Phoenix’ c1940 which in very good condition is estimated at £10. Phoenix was launched in 1929, but was sadly sunk by an Italian torpedo boat in July 1940 with the loss of all her crew. Lot 145 is a Lavine Soap advert card and lots 147 to 150 are all Liebig issues. Lot 147 is a Liebig set of EL6 The Chimneysweeps and The Pastrycook F99/S98 dating from 1878 and in good condition estimated at £175. These Victorian era cards picture a pastrycook carrying a tray of his wares, including a jar of Liebig, who is attacked by chimneysweeps, he fights back and a cavalryman or policeman comes to his assistance and the thieves end up in jail. The text on the front and back is in French with the backs containing recipes using the Liebig product. This is an opportunity to get your hands on an early Liebig set.

Lots 151 to 225

Lot 201

Amongst the sets and part sets towards the start of this section we would draw your attention to lot 167 an A & BC Gum set of L44 Batman numbered 1A to 44A dating from 1966 and estimated at £140. These colourful drawings picture the ‘Caped Crusader’ and sidekick Robin in action against such foes as The Riddler, a giant spider, giant reptiles and The Penguin. The backs contain a small write-up and sectional pictures of the heroes and some of their opponents. Lot 177, a Wills Overseas set of 25 Derby Day Series ‘Scissors’ with title issue dating from 1914 (estimated at £200), presents a fascinating snapshot of this popular event in the horse racing calendar. The fronts make up into one large sectional picture showing not just the horses, but the fashionable racegoers, ordinary punters, stall holders and buildings. This is a must for anyone interest in the turf. Lots 180 to 198 are all Brooke Bond items and include order forms, overseas types etc. Next lots 199 to 203 are all type cards including lot 201 a Wills type of Soldiers and Sailors ‘Holland, Hussar Officer Review Order’ c1894 with blue scroll back (in good condition estimated at £40). The colours on this card are impressive considering its age. Lots 204 to 207 are all inserts, then there are more type cards between 208 and 221 amongst which is lot 212 an American Tobacco Co. USA type of Beauties with ‘Jack of Clubs’ playing card inset, blue net design with “52 Subjects” back c1900 estimated at £14. Lot 22 is an USA advert card then the last three lots in this section, which ends at lot 225, are all postcards.

Lots 226 to 300

Lot 249

If you like your motors then lot 237 is sure to appeal. This is a Sanitarium New Zealand set of M50 Cavalcade of Cars 1962 which in good to very good condition is estimated at £20. This contains colour pictures of famous car models with text on the backs about the motors. Included are the Ford Anglia, Jaguar 3.4 litre, Hillman Minx, Ford Consul, Morris Minor and Austin A40. Next there is an interesting military set issued during the First World War at lot 243. This is Churchman 25 Army Badges of Rank 1916 (estimated at £140) which pictures the sleeves of uniforms with the insignia and stripes that identify rank and/or regiment. The exception to this is the card for the Royal Flying Corps which just pictures the badge. The fronts are captioned, but the backs contain just the series title and details of the company. Next to catch our eye is lot 249 Coles Australia 48 Cricketers 1951-52 which is estimated at £500. These fine cricket cards were originally issued on 6 sheets of 8 cards, but have been cut to standard size cards and players include Len Hutton, Brian Close and Denis Compton all pictured in black and white against a vivid blue background. Lot 256, a Ritchie set of 25 Fairway Favourites Golfers 1992 in mint condition estimated at £50, also caught our eye. This contains delightful colour caricatures of famous golfers including Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Sandy Lyle, Greg Norman, Lee Trevino and Seve Ballesteros. There is no text on the back other than the player’s surname and details of the company, but the fronts more than make up for this. There are type cards between lots 263 and 292 amongst which are a number of overseas types as well as lot 266 a Ray & Co type of War Series British and Foreign Uniforms, number 99, c1915 which is estimated at £13. This pictures a Hussar of the Russian cavalry who’s colourful uniform consists of green jacket and blue trousers. Lot 294 contains a set of 6 postcards then the section ends at lot 300 with a set of 11 Feathered World Poultry c1911.

Lots 301 to 360

Lot 320

Among the items well worth a mention in this section is lot 312 a Cope set of 30 Flags of Nations (29 with ‘Bond of Union’ back and 1 plain) c1903 (estimated at £300). The flags themselves sit on top the card and include a number that have changed significantly in more modern times like the Canadian flag – no maple leaf here just a red flag with Union Jack on it - and the New Zealand flag pictures a white flag of St George with four stars on a blue background in the top corner. There is an excellent part set at lot 320, namely Morris 17/25 Motor Series 1922 (est. £70), which contains pictures of various bits of a car with the parts clearly labelled and there is plenty of information on the backs by way of explanation. Lots 321 to 328 are all varieties, then lot 329 is a Fleer/Skybox USA set of LT90 Amalgam 1996 (which with 4 cards with a slight corner crease is estimated at £12) containing a mixture of characters from Marvel and D C Comics including Wonder Woman, Magneto, Batman and some of their opponents with information on the backs including a factoid. We look at heroes of a bygone age in lot 343, a Herald Alarms set of 10 Feudal Lords from 1986 (mint condition, £20), which pictures knights on horses both of whom wear the colours of people such as the Earl of Derby, Simon de Montford, the Earl of Richmond etc. The backs contain an advert for the company. Lot 350 is a Cornerstone USA set of LT1 Doctor Who 3rd Series The Master foil card 1995 which in mint condition is estimated at £7. The Master is of course a Time Lord like The Doctor and the two are often enemies although they occasionally have to work together. There are autograph and sketch cards between lots 351 and 353, then lots 354 and 355 are promo cards and the auction ends at lot 360 with albums and leaves. Hopefully there is something of interest for everyone and good luck with your bids.

The Catalogue, which contains a full description of all 360 lots, can be obtained FREE of charge by writing to The London Cigarette Card Company Limited at the address below or by telephone, fax or e-mail (see request form at the bottom of the page). A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet, which comes with the free auction catalogue, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner.

Please note there are no additional charges to bidders for buyers premium etc.

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