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Lot 19

The most expensive item in this auction and our star lot this month is lot 19 a Wills  set of 50 Cricketers 1901 which is estimated at £900 with a reserve of £700. This contains colour head and shoulders portraits of famous cricketers from the era including J.T. Tyldesley, P.F. Warner, W. Rhodes, S.M.J. Woods, K.S. Ranjitshinji, W.G. Grace etc. Other lots in the auction offer sets & type cards from as little as £2 a lot and many other card collecting items. Each lot is carefully described with its condition and estimated value. You can find details of some of the other highlights below, but make sure you read through the auction catalogue carefully so you don’t miss out. If you have any queries about any of the lots don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01458 273452 or 

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Lots 1 to 75

Lot 18

First to catch our eye in this section is lot 9 a Sanitarium Australia set of L16 True to Life Stereo The Mysterious East 1965 which in very good condition is estimated at £32.00. This was designed to be viewed in a special viewer which would give the cards a 3-D effect. The cards contain two colour pictures on the front and a brief description of where the picture was taken and advert for the viewer on the backs. Among the views are the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Thailand, the Temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the main street in Saigon, Fisherman’s nets at Macau, a street scene in Singapore, traditional dancing in Bali, and a Japanese fruit stall. Next, at lot 18, is the excellent Barratt set of 35 Test Cricketers by E.W. Swanton Series A 1956 estimated at £265. E.W. Swanton was a respected cricket commentator on BBC radio for 30 years  so he was well able to write about the players in this set who include Denis Compton, Frank Tyson, Colin Cowdrey, Tom Graveney, Freddie Trueman and Jim Laker. All are pictured in black and white with informative text on the reverse. Lots 33 to 47 are all type cards, there are inserts at lots 48 and 49 then the types continue between lots 51 and 66. This last batch of types includes a number of overseas issues including lot 59 an Anonymous Tobacco China type of British Scenes Ref RB.23/ZE6-6 c1920 which in very good condition is estimated at £10. This pictures a charming winter scene with horse and sleigh in the foreground. There are two colour postcards at lots 67 and 68, then lots 69 to 71 are all empty waxed sales wrappers from the 1970s and 80s and then the next four lots (ending at lot 75) are all Liebig sets including lot 72 a Liebig Europe set of EL6 Paul and Virginia F222/S223 dating from 1888 and estimated in fair to good condition at £60. These cards tell the tragic story of childhood friends Paul and Virginia who live on Mauritius and fall in love. The original story was written by Jacques-Henri Bernadin de Saint-Pierre in1788 and was later the subject of an opera.

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59 , 72

Lots 76 to 150

Lot 109

There are some interesting sets and part sets towards the start of this section, but the first lot we want to draw your attention to is lot 91 a Drapkin part set of 39/48 Photogravure Masterpieces 1915 estimated at £320. This contains sepia pictures of famous artworks including the Venus de Milo, Hogarth’s Rakes Progress, Gainsborough’s Portrait of a Lady and Rodin’s The Kiss. Next, at lot 99, there is a Bassett set of 50 Super Heroes 1984 which with two cards good and the rest very good estimated at £55. These contain colour cartoon pictures of comic superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Catwoman, The Flash, Wonderwoman and Green Arrow with text in blue on the reverse. For something completely different check out lot 109 Petit Beurre Lu France EL4 Celebrities c1905 estimated at £35. These contain a small black and white picture of a celebrity inset on a larger picture associated with their work and a small endorsement by them of the company’s biscuits. For instance the card for French opera star Biana Duhamel has a large picture of her playing the role of Miss Helyett a famous operetta of the time. The other entries are Lassalle, Albert Matignon and Gabriel Pierne. There are more type cards between lots 111 and 140 amongst which is lot 113 a Allen & Ginter Tob USA type card of Birds of the Tropics c1890 estimated at £15 which features the gloriously named ‘Cock-of-the-Rock’ a bird with very distinctive plumage. There is a Benson & Hedges insert at lot 141, then the type cards continue between lots 142 and 146. The next two lots are both postcards then this section ends with lot 150 a Buitoni UK type card of National Costume Dolls number 2 and Performance Cars number 2 as issued on one card with perforation in the centre dating from around 1980 (estimated at £5). The doll featured is in Scottish national dress and the car is the Iso Grifo Coupe from Italy.

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Lots 151 to 225

Lot 168

The first of our highlighted sets in this section is at lot 166 and is a A & BC Gum set of L55 Huck Finn inscribed “Hanna-Barbera Productions Ltd” 1968 which in mint condition is estimated at £165. This features colour shots from The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn TV show which mixed live action with animation to tell the story of three children who running from an evil criminal get lost in caves and encounter exotic lands and tiny animated people. The backs make up into one large picture of the children and some of the characters. Next lot 168 is a part set of Taddy 20/25 Admirals and Generals The War c1915 estimated at £700. This is the South African issue featuring the likes of Grand Duke Nicholas a grandson of the Emperor of Russia, Admiral Sir John R. Jellicoe, Earl Kitchener, Gen. Sir Douglas Haig and General Joffre the French Commander in Chief.  Lot 172 is an unusual set by Illingworth of 25 Comicartoons of Sport 1927 which in good to very good condition is estimated at £170. This features black silhouettes of people engaged in sporting or leisure activities set against a beige background with humorous title underneath. So, for instance, the scene for fox hunting pictures a man and horse who have obviously misjudged the ditch and been for a dunking with the fox facing them and the title underneath saying “Halloa!” or the goalie in a football match hit in the face with a ball and the caption “Well Saved!”. The backs contain plenty of information about the activity. Lots 178 to 205 contain a selection of Brooke Bond items including lot 179 a Brooke Bond USA set of 48 Canadian American Songbirds 1966 which in VG-FCC condition is estimated at £150. This contains beautiful examples from the avian world such as the Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker and Hairy Woodpecker. Lots 206 to the end of the section at lot 225 are all type cards including lot 218 an Edwards Ringer & Bigg type of Easter Manoeuvres of Our Volunteers ‘The Attacking Force’ 1897 which is estimated at £150. This pictures soldiers marching with a band in front.

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166 , 172 , 179

Lots 226 to 300

Lot 249

There are more type cards at the beginning of this section, ending at lot 231, but the lots we wish to mention are further down. First of all lot 246 is a Wills set of L32 Happy Families plus its presentation box c1935, estimated at just £80. This is a delightful set enabling you to play the Happy Families game and pictures people with cigarette products for bodies so, for instance, the Capstan family all have a ‘Capstan Navy Cut’ cigarette packet for their body. Next, at lot 248 is a Gallaher set of 50 Royalty dating from 1902 and estimated at £300. This colourful set looks at the family of Queen Victoria who had died just the year before this was issued and includes her grandchildren such as the Empress of Russia, Princess Maud of Denmark and German Emperor William II. There is another Gallaher set in the next lot, lot 249, a Gallaher set of 50 Regimental Colours and Standards dating from 1899 which is estimated at £325. This colourful set looks at the standards of British regiments such as The Life Guards, Grenadier Guards, The Buffs, Northumberland Fusiliers etc. with their battle honours on the reverse and advert for the company’s “Two Flakes” tobacco. For something different check out lot 258 a Cadet set of 50 Doctor Who and the Daleks 1965 which in mint condition is estimated at £175. This contains cartoon drawings of the famous TV Time Lord and his enemies the Daleks and Voords with the story told on the card backs. The type cards continue between lots 265 and 294 amongst which is an unrecorded set by Forget Me Not Novels which is mentioned in Discoveries on page 000. Lots 295 and 296 are both postcards and the selection ends at lot 300 with a Guinness set of EL6 Famous Guinness For Strength Posters plus its presentation wallet 1951 (est. £90).

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Lot 301 to 360

Lot 303

Amongst the interesting lots in this section is lot 303 a A & BC Gum part set of M110/120 All Sports 1954 which with a few poor and fair cards is estimated at £325. This who’s who of sportsmen from the 1950s includes Tom Finney, Denis Compton, champion jockey Gordon Richards, driver Stirling Moss, Davis Cup tennis player Tony Mottram, ice hockey player Cliff Ryan, table tennis champion Diana Rowe, speedway star Bill Kitchen, boxer Henry Cooper etc. If movies are more your thing then check out lot 320 a Cards Inc. set of LT6 The Magnificent Seven’ Limited Edition of 300 sets’ 2003 which in mint condition is estimated at £18. These all picture Steve Mcqueen (in black and white with brown border) with quotes from the film and the numbered backs repeat a synopsis of the film. Returning to military matters lot 333 is a Prices Patent Candle Co set of EL12 Famous Battles c1910 which in poor to fair condition is estimated at just £45. This looks at battles on land a sea and each scene is inset with a small picture of the relevant general or admiral, for instance we see the chaotic scene on board HMS Victory after Nelson is fatally wounded with the inset head and shoulders of the man in better times. Other famous scenes include the Charge of the Light Brigade, Waterloo, the Lucknow Indian Mutiny, and the Battle of Plassey. Lots 337 to 344 are all varieties, then 345 to 348 are all autograph cards including lot 345 a Strictly Ink autograph card of The Avengers Series 1, number A6 Rhonda Parker as Rhonda 2003 which in mint condition is £10. Lot 349 is a Thunderbirds redemption offer card, lot 350 is a promo card for James Bond, lots 354 to 357 are all LCCC type albums and this auction ends at lot 360 which is a Skybox set of EL50 Pocahontas (widevision) in its collectors tin 1995 (est. £15). Good luck with your bids.

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The Catalogue, which contains a full description of all 360 lots, can be obtained FREE of charge by writing to The London Cigarette Card Company Limited at the address below or by telephone, fax or e-mail (see request form at the bottom of the page). A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet, which comes with the free auction catalogue, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner.

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