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Lot 197

Summer is a busy time, but don’t forget to have a look through the 409 lots in this month’s auction as there are some real gems. It was hard to pick a star lot, but in the end we selected lot 197 Churchman L12 Prominent Golfers 1931 (with some fair and good cards and the rest very good estimated at £500). Golfing subjects are always popular, but it is the fine caricatures by ‘Mel’ which make this one stand out. This set includes Henry Cotton, Archie Compton, Walter Hagen and the legendary Bobby Jones. Other lots in the auction offer sets & type cards from as little as £2 a lot and many other card collecting items. Each lot is carefully described with its condition and estimated value.  A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet or click here for information, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner. . If you have any queries about any of the lots don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01458 273452 or via e-mail 

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Lot 5

We start our review of this section with lot 5 Carreras 50 Tools & How to Use Them 1935 (in very good condition estimated at £110). As you would imagine this pictures various tools with information on how to use them on the reverse – ideal if you are doing a spot of D.I.Y. Lot 21 features one of our favourite issuers, F & J Smith and their set of 20 Medals unnumbered thick card issue 1902 (est. £290). These feature awards like the Waterloo medal and the Victoria Cross. Next, lot 22 is an American Tobacco Company USA part set of 41/50 Fish From American Waters checklist back 1890 (estimated at £320) with superb colour fish drawings. At lot 31 is an overseas set by Wills 27 Dancing Girls inscribed “27 Subjects” issue, (no. 3 not issued) 1915 (estimated at £75). These cards are lovely and very colourful considering their age. The dancers are wearing a type of national dress, although as the dress for England is a ballet tutu with Union Jacks on it we guess a certain amount of artistic license has been used. Further down at lot 42 is an A & BC Gum part set of LT18/19 Man on the Moon text back 1970 estimated in finest collectible condition at £72.00. This contains pictures of the moon, astronauts and rockets etc. At lot 45 is a Duke Tobacco USA Certificate advertising a printed album for 100 Actors & Actresses plus other albums which dates from 1888 we don’t come across this type of thing very often so it is well worth its estimate of £20.00. This is followed by type cards between lots 46 and 63, then the next couple of lots are pre1945 coupons. The types continue between lots 68 and 79 and amongst the second batch are a number of Chinese types (lots 68 to 74). Worth a special mention is lot 77 a Gloag type card of Home & Colonial Regiments ‘New Zealand Mounted Rifles’ c1900 (estimated in very good condition at £50). This regiment was moved to Egypt just months after the start of the First World War and ended up taking part at Gallipoli. There are World War I silks at lots 80 and 81, then lots 83 to 85 contain empty waxed sales wrappers and lots 86 to 89 are all Liebig sets. This selection finishes at lot 90 with a Topical Times set of EL8 Cricketers in Action Ref HT.89 1937 (estimated in poor-fair condition at £50). 

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Lot 107

The first lot worth a special mention amongst this selection is lot 105 a Kellogg Canada set of M15 Aeroplanes from General Interest Set 2 c1938 (estimated at £29), then at lot 107 is an Australian set by Allen of 49 Kings and Queens of England 1937-53 which with some cards corner marked is estimate at just £50. This is a nicely done set picturing English monarchs which ends with a young Princess Elizabeth who was then just the heir presumptive and the backs advertise products such as ‘Cure-em-Quick’ cough sweets. Next lot 108 is a Cohen Weenen set of 30 Wonders of the World Series 6 dating from c1908 (estimated at £170). This fascinating and colourful set features both natural and man-made wonders including Cleopatra’s needle, the back of which details the difficult journey it made before being erected in London, Stonehenge, the Falls of Zambesi and a Flamingo. Lot 108 takes us back to British monarchs. This is a Wills part set of 50/51 Kings & Queens standard size (minus ‘Edward the Martyr’) 1902 which is estimated at £280 as a few cards are good only. These educational cards start with Alfred the Great and end with Prince Edward who was then a small boy, but later briefly became Edward VIII before abdicating in favour of his brother. There is another golf set in this section, namely lot 121 Wills L25 Golfing 1924 (estimated at £175). This features excellent pictures of well-known British golf courses such as St Andrews and Gleneagles, but the set is really brought to life by the inclusion of ordinary golfers from the period. A few lots down at lot 123 is a Strathmore set of M25 British Aircraft 1938 (in FCC to Mint condition estimated at £80). The set pictures WWII planes such as a Wellington bomber, Bristol Blenheim and the iconic Spitfire which the card tells us “is now being taken into service by the Royal Air Force”. Lot 128 is sure to lighten the mood, this is a Bassett set of 48 Hanna Barbera’s Cartoon Capers 1983 which in mint condition is £90.00. This contains colourful pictures of characters from favourite cartoons such as Top Cat, The Hair Bear Bunch, Yogi Bear, Stop That Pigeon, Scooby Doo, Hong Kong Phooey, the Flintstones etc. A real treat these are sure to bring back great memories. There are type cards between lots 136 and 167 amongst which are lot 141 a Cameron & Sizer Tobacco USA type of The New Discovery without overprint dating from 1889 picturing Sir Walter Ralegh the back of which describes this as part of “A complete pictorial history of America” (est. 28), lot 150 a R & J Hill type card of Famous Cricketers No. 20 deep blue back, brown picture dating from 1912 (estimate £70), the cricketer being W. Carkeek of Victoria and lot 153 a H.C Lloyd type of Devon Footballers & Boer War Celebrities ‘General French’ c1901 (without framelines and in VG condition estimated at £60). Lots 168 and 169 are both postcards from the early 1900s, then lots 174 to 178 are all empty cigarette packets and the section ends with two Card Collectors Society reprint sets.

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Lots 181 to 270

Lot 188

There is an unusual set at lot 188 in this section, this is a Dart set of LT50 Smokey Bear 1996 (est. £10) which features posters highlighting the danger of forest fires. Cartoon character Smokey Bear became the symbol for forest fire prevention and a favourite with children and there are fire-fighting facts on the reverse. The creatures featured in lot 211 are very much real although many are on the verge of extinction, they appear in the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco USA set of 36 A Tribute to the Endangered Set 2 2001 (est. £45). These include the Jaguar, Black Faced Impala and the South American cat the Margay, which we have to confess we have never heard of before. Lots 213 to 240 are all Brooke Bond items including lot 213 a Brooke Bond Canada set of 48 Songbirds of North America ‘Red Rose Tea and Coffee’ issue 1959 (est. £175). This is the ‘album available at your grocer’s from us 25c’ issue which includes glorious and colourful bird pictures. There are more birds in lot 216, but this time the Brooke Bond USA 48 Tropical Birds 1964 (est. £180) set features avian specimens from South America as well as further north. The brightly coloured birds include the Iiwi of Hawaii, Peruvian Coock-of-the-Rock and Hyacinthine Macaws. Amongst the type cards between lots 241 and 260 is lot 247 a Corinthian type of Scottish Footballers No. SP21 ‘Paul Gascoigne, Rangers’ 1995 with information leaflet (est. £3) and lot 253 a Bubbles Inc. type of Mars Attacks No. 22 dating from 1964 (est. £23). This later card pictures the aliens from Mars attacking cattle to try to starve the earthlings. Lots 261 to 264 are all postcards, then there is an anonymous type card at lot 265, a J.G. Heidner USA advert card at lot 266, then this selection ends with two sports sets and two empty candy stick packets.

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Lots 271 to 360

Lot 290

There is a good selection of sets and part sets at the start of this group, but there are two worth a particular mention. These are lot 289 G Phillips 25 Chinese Series ‘Volunteer Cigarettes’ back c1910 (est. £200) portraying Chinese characters, both male and female, in colourful garb, and lot 290 another G Phillips set, this time 25 Beauties No. B801 to B825 c1902 (estimated at £270) which pictures young women in a variety of different costumes, some historic and some perhaps types of national dress. A few lots further down, at lot 294, is a Dobie Tobacco set of M32 Four Square Book 3rd Series Nos. 65 to 96 1960 (in mint condition estimated at £50), then lot 299 is a Molassine set of 50 Puppies dating from 1966 (est. £100) which contains delightful puppy pictures with a small inset picture showing what the adult dog will look like. Lot 309 is worth a mention, this is Rittenhouse LT6 Xena Warrior Princess Season 6 with gold foil name stamped on the front, numbered AU1 to AU6 dated 2001 and in mint condition at £18 featuring favourite female characters from the TV show including Xena herself. Lots 319 to 344 are all type cards including lot 321 a Bukhsh Ellahie & Co Tobacco India type of Girls with playing card inset c1898 (£20) this contains a bust length picture of a woman in a red head-dress with a card displaying the 3 of Diamonds inset. Among the other type cards are overseas issues, Barratt Famous Footballers and County Print types signed by the players (Nos. 339 and 340). Lots 345 and 346 are both postcards, lot 347 is a WWI silk, lots 349 to 355 are all varieties, lots 357 and 358 are card magazines then this section ends with two sets from the 1990s and their special albums.

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299 , 321

Lots 361 to 409

Lot 406

This section stars with a River Wye empty special album for the D-Day Commemorative Series, but it is the two lots at lot 363 and 364 which we would single out for a mention. Lot 363 is a Wills set of L25 Cathedrals 1933 (est. £125) with stunningly good pictures of well-known places of worship and lot 364 is a Pattreiouex part set of 64/100 Footballers brown captions 1927 (est. £480) featuring soccer stars from the 1920s including Preston North End’s A. James and Everton’s “Dixie” Dean  and all are backed with interesting facts. We have to mention lot 379 a My Weekly silks part set of M11/12 Floral Beauties c1915 (est. £85) as these contain charming head and shoulders portraits of ladies with flowers. Incidentally My Weekly is a women’s magazine which was first published in 1910 and is still being produced today. Next at lot 381 is a Jackson set of 250 Speed Through the Ages 1937 (estimated at £75). This comprises a mixture of standard and larger size cards covering all aspects of speed both ancient and modern, such as ships and cars as well as examples from the natural world, all depicted in colour with informative facts on the reverse. Towards the end of the auction there are the usual selection of autograph, sketch and promo cards including lot 410 a Cryptozoic autograph card from Downton Abbey No. A1 Jim Carter as Mr Carson 2014 (est. £25), lot 404 is a Strictly Ink autograph card of Doctor Who 1st Series No. A10 Liz Shaw as Caroline John 2000 (est. 25) then lot 406 is a Topps sketch card from Star Wars Heritage by John McCrea featuring a lady looking right, left hand on hip 2004 (est. £40) and the auction ends with three lots of Vintage Erotica promo cards.

Happy hunting and good luck.

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The Catalogue, which contains a full description of all 409 lots, can be obtained FREE of charge by writing to The London Cigarette Card Company Limited at the address below or by telephone, fax or e-mail (see request form at the bottom of the page). A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet, which comes with the free auction catalogue, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner.

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