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Lot 93

With plenty of interesting items amongst the 358 lots in our August auction picking our star lot was not easy, but in the end we could not resist selecting lot 93 which is an F & J Smith set of 50 Derby Winners 1913 estimated at £600. You don’t have to be a fan of the turf to appreciate the beautifully drawn horses, but it is the comprehensive nature of the set, giving us both the owner and jockey as well as facts about the horse, which really appeals. If you require further information about any lot in this auction please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01458 273452 or via

Other lots in the auction offer sets & type cards from as little as £2 a lot and many other card collecting items. Each lot is carefully described with its condition and estimated value. Make sure you read through the auction catalogue carefully so you don’t miss out. A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet or click here for information, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner.

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Lots 1 to 72

Lot 18

One of the first items to catch our eye in this section is the Collect-A-Card USA set of EL72 Coca Cola Sign of Good Taste 1996 at lot 10 which in mint condition is estimated at £12. This set contains colour adverts for this popular beverage from 1907 to more modern times and very attractive they are too. Also featuring excellent colour pictures is lot 18 a Cope set of 50 British Warriors with mixed blue and grey backs dating from c1912 and estimated at £250 in fair to very good condition. There is plenty to love about this set which pictures dress or armour worn by fighting men taking us from an Ancient British Warrior from 55BC to a Hussar of 1865. There is a silk set worth a mention at lot 27, namely Morris silks set M25 English and Foreign Birds c1915 (estimated at £120). This contains colourful drawings of birds from around the world that the backs tell us will be appreciated by “Ladies for decorating fancy articles” particularly table centres and quilts. There are type cards between lots 35 and 65 amongst which are lot 48 a Cameron & Sizer Tob USA type of The New Discovery ‘Captain John Smith’ without overprint dating from 1889 (VG, est. £34) which despite its age is brightly coloured (Captain Smith helped found the first settlement in American and told the tale of Pocahontas) and lot 55 an Alma Confectionery type card of James Bond 007 Moonraker No. 32 dating from 1980 and in very good condition estimated at £5. This last card pictures the underground splendor of supervillain Drax’s hideaway complete with one of his glamorous assistants. Lots 65 and 66 are both postcards, lot 68 is an early Easter folder card from c1910, then lot 69 is another postcard, lot 70 contains 3-D spectacles for Zoo Studies and lots 72 and 72 are both empty waxed sales wrappers for Kiss dating from 1978.

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10 , 27

Lots 73 to 144

Lot 113

The first two lots in this section are empty cigarette packets, but worth a special mention in this section is lot 89 a Sainsbury set of M12 British Birds 1924 which is estimated at £90. The lovely colour pictures cover a range of birds from garden favourites to the spectacular golden eagle or mallard. Our star lot, mentioned above, can also be found in this section then at lot 103 is a Goudey Gum USA part set of L8/56 Auto License Plates 1938 which in very good condition is estimated at £20. This pictures number plates on the front and gives information on the state including capital, state flower, motto etc. on the reverse. There are more type cards between lots 111 and 135 amongst which is lot 113 a type of Music Hall Artistes ‘Eugene Stratton’ (number not visible) c1900 which in good condition is estimated at £50. Stratton was the stage name of American E.A. Ruhlmann who appeared as a minstrel in British music halls (‘blacking up’ today would be unacceptable, but at the time although he had a fine Irish singing voice crowds preferred him as a minstrel). Lot 136 is an Anstie silk of The Royal Standard, there are more type cards between 137 and 143 then this section ends with lot 144 an E Marks saucy comic postcard by Davo dating from 1966.

Lot 103

Lot 145 to 216

Lot 167

There is another postcard at the start of this section, but worth a mention here is lot 147 a Walls empty special album for Do You Know dating from 1965 and in very good condition estimated at £20. This is a treat as you don’t come across this very often. Alongside the card spaces are explanations of the subjects but this also includes a history of the ice cream company and information on their products. Amongst the following sets and part sets is a real gem, namely lot 167, a Ogdens set of 50 British Costumes from 100BC to 1904 (1905) which in good to very good condition except for corner marks is estimated at £220. We just love these colour pictures of men and women’s dress through the ages which are full of detail and interest. Lot 171 is another excellent horse racing set, this time a Boguslavsky, set of L25 Winners on the Turf 1925 with an estimate of £140. The colour pictures are taken from artwork by W. Hounsom Byles who was a well-known British painter specializing in equine paintings and you can really appreciate his brilliance with this set. Among the horses featured are ‘Sergeant Murphy’, ‘Papyrus’ and ‘Straitlace’. Lots 175 to 197 are all Brooke Bond items which include lot 178 a Brooke Bond Canada set of 48 Tropical Birds top line in red 1964 which is a scarce issue and with 1 corner cracked and some cards good is estimated at just £425.  We have had some lovely bird sets already in this auction, but this has to be our favourite. The exotic birds are pictured in wonderfully vivid colours with plenty of information about the subject on the dual language backs. Lot 198 is a Christmas Greetings card, then there are more type cards between 199 and the end of this section at lot 216, with this last lot containing an A & BC Gum type of All Sports No. 16 featuring Surrey cricketer Tony Lock and dating from 1954 (est. £4).

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177 , 178 , 216

Lots 217 to 288

Lot 228

We start this section with a couple of type cards then there are postcards at lots 219 and 220, but an interesting item we don’t want you to miss is at lot 228 a Cardz USA set of LT4 Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Techchrome sub set 1994 which in mint condition is estimated at £12. These feature shiny foil cartoons of characters from the popular Douglas Adams novel in which Arthur Dent finds himself the last human alive after Earth is destroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass after being saved by a human-like alien who happens to be writing a travel guide known as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Lot 238 is more concerned with this world and is an A & BC Gum set of M80 Flags of the World size 82 x 57mm dating from 1963 which in near top condition is estimated at £115. This pictures the flag of the United Nations and other countries from around the globe. As well as the flag there is a picture of places, people or customs from the region and the backs give information about the country and how to say certain words in their language making these educational and attractive. We haven’t mentioned a cricket set yet so we rectify that now by drawing your attention to lot 244 a Cohen Weenen set of 25 Cricketers 1926 which is estimated at £450. This consists of excellent pictures of the likes of H. Strudwick, J.B. Hobbs and F.E. Woolley with details about the player on the back.  Lot 245 is an Anglo Confectionery part set of L55/56 The New James Bond 007 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 1970 which due to its condition is estimated at £600. This set is based on the Bond film which starred George Lazenby in the title role and Diana Rigg as his love interest. There are more type cards between lots 259 and 268, then lots 269 to 273 are all Wills and Players inserts and there are more types between 274 and 276. Lot 277 is a British Cigarette Co China set of 72 Chinese Human Interest Series, yellow pearl bordered back c1920 which is estimated at £140. We love these detailed colour pictures portraying a way of life that has largely disappeared including market scenes, special ceremonies, life on the farm and in the home etc. There are more type cards between lots 278 and 287 which include a number of Chinese and South American cards as well as an unrecorded card at lot 286 from La Flor Islena Tob Canary Islands Photo Series ‘Tarjeta Postal’ back which is described in Discoveries on page 000,  then this section ends with lot 288 a Belle Jardiniere France advert card ‘A Moi A Faire Sauter Le Bouchon’ calendar January to June 1898 on back, but borders cut off, estimated at £5.

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238 ,  245 ,  277

Lots 289 to 358

Lot 304

There is another type card at the start of this selection which is followed by varieties between lots 290 and 297 and empty Players albums at lots 298 and 299. Worth a mention is lot 304 a G Phillips set of 25 Statues and Monuments Provisional Patent No. 20736 issue 1907 (estimated at £220) which contains the likes of King Alfred’s Statue in Winchester, Cleopatra’s Needle in London and the Scott Monument in Edinburgh all of which have been die cut to stand out. We have another cricket set at lot 314, a CBS Ltd set of 30 Glamorgan Cricketers dating from 1984 which in mint condition is estimated at £20. These feature excellent caricatures by artist Dorrien of players from different periods such as Maurice Turnbull, Arnold Dyson, Haydn Davies, Willie Jones, Don Shepherd, Javed Miandad and Rodney Ontong. If old cigarette cards are more your thing then check out lot 316 a Ogdens Tabs part set of 103/106 Imperial or International Interest Ref OG.63 dating from 1901 and estimated at £100. There is an excellent aircraft set at lot 325 a Robertson & Woodcock set of 50 British Aircraft 1930 estimated at £170 this includes the R101 Airship, Short Flying Boat, Vickers Supermarine S.6 and De Havilland Tiger Moth. Interestingly there is also an air drill demonstration of squadrons of bombers flying in V formation. As always this section includes autograph cards (lots 334 to 337) including lot 336 a Strictly Ink autograph card of Doctor Who 40th Anniversary No. WA13 ‘Martin Jarvis’ as The Governor 2003 which in mint condition is estimated at £15 and lot 337 an autograph card of Ender’s Game No. A5 ‘Jimmy Jax Pinchak’ as Peter Wiggin 2014 (estimated at £10). There are also promo cards between lots 338 and 340, Liebig sets and part sets between lots 341 and 344, empty Skybox and Wills albums between lots 345 and 347, LCCC and Nostalgia albums between lots 349 and 353, Star Wars Attack of the Clones factory sealed collectors tins at lots 354 and 355 and three lots of Titanic film cels between lots 356 and 358 where the auction ends. We wish you luck with your bids.

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325 , 336

The Catalogue, which contains a full description of all 358 lots, can be obtained FREE of charge by writing to The London Cigarette Card Company Limited at the address below or by telephone, fax or e-mail (see request form at the bottom of the page). A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet, which comes with the free auction catalogue, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner.

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