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Lot 17

There are some real gems amongst the 356 lots in this month’s auction if you have a question about any of the lots please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01458 273452 or via e-mail As we normally do we have singled out one lot to highlight in the introduction which this month is lot 17 a Wills Overseas set of 50 Prominent Australian and English Cricketers (Ref W.59.8) 1907 (catalogued at £800 in very good condition) which with a few cards fair and the rest good to very good is estimated at £650 . This includes English players like Somerset’s L.C. Braund and W. Rhodes of Yorkshire as well as Australian players like Victoria’s V.S. Ransford and A. Cotter of N.S.W.

Other lots in the auction offer sets & type cards from as little as £2 a lot and many other card collecting items. Each lot is carefully described with its condition and estimated value. Make sure you read through the auction catalogue carefully so you don’t miss out.
A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet or click here for information, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner. 

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Lots 1 to 75

Lot 18

First to catch our eye in this section is lot 5 Cornerstone/Fleer USA 2 sets LT72 Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me 1999 and LT119 Casper 1995 both of which are in mint condition and the two sets are together estimated at £19.00. Both these sets are based on popular films from the 1990s. Next lot 8 is a Lambert & Butler Denmark part set of 51/83 Danske Byvaabner c1915 which is estimated at £100. This is an unusual set of coats of arms of Danish towns and very colourful they are too. Also worth a mention is lot 18 a Wills set of 66 Football Series 1902 estimated at £600. This is interesting as it contains players from many smaller clubs such as Blackheath or Pontymister as well as the big names like Liverpool and Manchester City. Many of the players are pictured in their Sunday best suits rather than football kit and the backs advertise Wills’ products with “These cigarettes are British Made by British Labour with British Capital” at the bottom. There are more coats of arms in lot 33 but this time its a Children’s Pictorial set of M12 Story of Our National Arms 1925 (estimated at £18) which traces of the history of the Royal Arms from the two lions of William I to the complicated arms of Queen Victoria. There are type cards between lots 34 and 68 which include lot 42 a Newbegin type of Actors and Actresses c1902 rubber stamped on the back but otherwise in good condition with an estimate of £48 and featuring the ‘Morden Sisters’ and lot 65 an A & BC Gum type card of Footballers (Bazooka) No. 40 ‘Mel Charles, Cardiff City’ 1962 (VG, estimated at £9). Lot 68 is another unusual item, namely a Cadbury set of EL6 Rivers of the British Isles dating from c1910 and estimated at £80. These are lovely cards picturing rivers and the principal towns through which they flow. The rivers include the Liffey, the Mersey, the Clyde, the Avon, the Tyne and the Thames. All portrayed in lovely colour pictures with interesting facts on the reverse. This selection ends at lot 75 with 3 Liebig sets from 1906-61.

Lots 76 to 150

Lot 97

Anyone with an interest in wrestling should make a beeline for lot 78 which is a Championship Marketing set of LT110 WCW (World Championship Wrestling) 1991 in mint condition and estimated at £20. This features heroes of the ring such as the Steiner Brothers, Brian Pillman and Rick Flair. For heroes of a different kind check out lot 89 a Fleer/Skybox set of LT72 Marvel Creators Collection 98 (1998) (est. £10) which features comic superheroes such as Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk, Deadpool with interviews with those connected with the comic’s production on the reverse. At lot 96 is the excellent R Sinclair set of 15 Billiards by Willie Smith 2nd Series dating from 1928 and in VG condition estimated at £200. These picture a billiard table with demonstrations of different shots as played by billiard champion Willie Smith. These include the Kiss Cannon and a long jenny. Lot 97 takes us back to football with an Ogdens set of 50 Famous Footballers 1908 estimated at £200. This contains excellent colour pictures of players who include amateur H. Smith and Bristol City’s W. Wedlock. There is more sport at lot 98 a Gallaher set of 100 Famous Cricketers 1926 estimated at just £370. This set includes the likes of Surrey batsman J.B. Hobbs, all-round sportsman Charles B. Fry, old-timer W.G. Grace and a number of Australian players. There are type cards between lots 106 and 118 which include lot 118 an Eggs Appeal type of Vintage Car Series No. 5 ‘Isotta Fraschini 1929 (Type 8-A) Italy’ 1974 which is unrecorded and further details of this can be found in the magazine April Edition of the Card Collectors Club Magazine. Lot 120 is a Whitbread Set M1 The Railway Inn Sign 1958 which in very good condition is estimated at £15. This features the sign for the Railway at Gillingham with a Ruskin quote on the reverse. The type cards continue between lot 121 and 138 and these include a number of Chinese cards. There are empty cigarette packets and boxes between lots 143 and 146, empty Players and Wills albums at lots 147 and 138 and the section ends with a empty special album for Inkworks Simpsons Mania.

Lots 151 to 225

Lot 175

There is an unusual set at lot 165 namely a Cadbury set of EL6 Panama Series – The Panama Canal 1914 estimated at £165. This looks at the building of the canal which was one of the major achievements of the era and shows the difficulties encountered and some of the work force. Next there are a cluster of interesting items, beginning at lot 172 with The Happy Home Silks set of M9 Flags c1915 (est. £84). Except for the Union Jack all these silks have their original backing paper which offers a £30 prize to “clever needlewomen for the best and most effective use of the flags.” We would love to know how these were used. The silks themselves include old flags for Australia and Canada as well as the Russian and Japanese flags. Next at lot 174 is a Gallaher set of M20 Half Million Berkeley Star Competition 1995 (mint, est. £30). These show a range of astrological and space related small pictures with details of the competition the winner of which would get a star named after them. The front also includes a question and three possible answers whilst the backs give the competition rules. Lastly lot 175 is a Pattreiouex part set of M22/24 Treasure Island 1968 (est. £42). This is the ‘Cadet Cigarettes’ issue with detachable stamps at the bottom which could be stuck onto a special playing card (obtainable from the company or local tobacconist) for a chance to win a prize. As always this section contains Brooke Bond items (lots 178 to 197) and these include lot 178 a Brooke Bond Canada set of 48 Animals of North America ‘Rolland’ issue with two ls dating from 1960 (£140). We love this set which contains beautiful animal pictures including Killer Whales, Caribou, Striped Skunk, Racoons etc. We return to type cards between lots 200 and 220 amongst which is lot 215 a F & J Smith type of Footballers brown back No. 55 ‘L.J. Iremonger, Notts. Forest’ dating from 1902 and estimated at £45. This pictures the player in suit and tie and tells us he played for England against Scotland in 1901. There are postcards at lots 221 and 222 then lot 223 is a F.H. Allis & Co. USA advert card picturing a man and woman falling into water with “One Price Clothiers” and the company name and address on a sign on the bank c1890 (fair condition, est. £10). This is an unusual item and has a plain back. This section ends at lot 225 with a Topical Times type of Star Footballers English coloured Series 1936.

Lots 226 to 300

Lot 253

There is a treat for Star War fans at lot 229 where there is an Ikon Australia set of LT61 Star Wars Episode 1 1999 in mint condition at £20. This features characters and weapons from the series with some cards having a glow in the dark picture on the reverse and others making up into sectional pictures with the last card being a checklist. Lot 245 is an Automatic Merchandising Co. set of L25 Adventure Twins and the Treasure Ship 1959 (est. £35). This is the black, white and pink only issue of cartoon drawings of twins Phil and Terry Mason and their Uncle Ralph who have all sorts of adventures whilst trying to find pirate treasure in the Caribbean and the story is told on the grey backs. Lot 253 a WTW Productions set of M24 American Fighting Forces 1942, reprint 1983 (mint, est. £12) pictures action of a more serious nature as it contains excellent colour pictures of America’s military forces with text on the reverse and a checklist showing badges of rank. The text captures the mood of 1942 with comments such as “The purpose of these big planes is to smack the enemy down before he gets started”. The cover card tells us that these were originally issued on “Ice Crem” lids. There are military costumes of an entirely different nature in lot 260 an Anonymous Europe set of EL6 Masked Ball with plain back c1894 (est. £45). This is similar to Liebig issue F426/S404 but without any text on the back and portrays children dressed as adults with the boys in various soldiers’ uniforms and the girls in ballgowns. There are type cards between lots 261 and 270, then the next three lots are inserts, lots 274 and 275 are pre1940 German coupons, then the type cards continue between lot 276 and 281, amongst which is a possible unrecorded card at lot 278 a La Flor Islena Canary Islands type of Photo Series (Tarjeta Postal) c1900 which is mentioned in Discoveries on page 000. There are postcards at lots 281, 283 and 284 and empty wrappers between lots 285 and 287. We end this selection with lot 300 a Lyons Tea empty special album for HMS Ships 1902-1962 (est. £25).

Lots 301 to 356

Lot 339

We begin this section with lot 301 Lever Bros. two varieties of Celebrities white borders which are believed to be unrecorded and can be found on Discoveries in the April edition of the Card Collectors Club Magazine. Then the varieties continue between lots 302 and 306. Lot 309 is a Continental Cigarette Factory UK set of 25 Charming Portraits blue back with firm’s name issue c1925 (est. £100) which pictures colour photos of lovely ladies, all head and shoulders shots set within an oval border. Sadly we are not told their names, but they certainly are charming. There is an excellent motoring set at lot 325, namely Jacques Belgium M144 Autos Motos (Motors) c1951 which in near top condition is estimated at £59. This set features scooters and motorcycles such as the B.S.A. Bantam or Harley Davidson Model 45 and cars included the unusual Bond Minicar de luxe, Ferrari Coupe, Goliath and Morris Minor. Next at lot 330 is a Skybox USA set of LT10 Pocahontas promo set 1995 (mint, est. £10) picturing characters and “conceptual art” from the popular Disney animated film. A few lots down at lot 337 is a Hobby Press set of EL6 Horse Racing c1984 picturing close up photos of horses and jockeys and amazing action shots which really capture the thrill of the turf. Next at lot 339 is a Strictly Ink set of LT13 Doctor Who 2nd Series The Comics of Doctor Who foil sub set 2001 (mint, est. £18). This contains comic strips featuring various Doctors which appeared in such publications as TV Century 21 or Doctor Who Weekly. These have a foil title strip at the bottom and foil outline.  As always this section contains our autograph and promo cards which can be found between lots 343 and 348 and include lot 341 a Strictly Ink autograph card of Doctor Who Big Screen No. A10 Michael Coles as Ganatus 2003 which in mint condition is estimated at £15 and lot 343 a Rittenhouse autograph card of Games of Thrones Season 1 Susan Brown as Septa Mordane 2012 (mint, est. £20). There are albums with leaves between lots 351 and 354 then the auction ends with lots 355 & 356 which are both Wills 200 reprint cards of No. 24 Cinema Stars 3rd Series ‘Walt Disney & Mickey Mouse 1931, 5 cards inscribed ‘reprint 1992’ and the rest without inscription (est. £20). There should be something of interest for everyone and we wish you luck with your bidding.

The Catalogue, which contains a full description of all 356 lots, can be obtained FREE of charge by writing to The London Cigarette Card Company Limited at the address below or by telephone, fax or e-mail (see request form at the bottom of the page). A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet, which comes with the free auction catalogue, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner.

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