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Lot 23

There are some fantastic items in this auction, but the stand-out item is lot 23 a set of F & J Smith Battlefields of Great Britain dating from 1913. Some of the backs have faint yellow marks, but the rest are in very good to finest collectible condition and therefore this is estimated at £900. It is rare that we come across a set in such good nick so this lot is well worth its estimate. Among the notable battles referred to are the siege of Basing House in which Cromwell’s troops completely destroy the property, the Battle of Culloden in 1746 when Bonnie Prince Charlie was defeated and Ashdown were Alfred and the Saxons defeated the Danes. Other lots in the auction offer sets & type cards from as little as £2 a lot and many other card collecting items. Each lot is carefully described with its condition and estimated value. Make sure you read through the auction catalogue carefully so you don’t miss out. 

A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet or click here for information, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner. 

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Lots 1 to 90

Lot 22

First to catch our eye in this section is lot 22 a J S Fry set of 50 Tricks and Puzzles black back 1924. Amaze your friends and family with these tricks which are demonstrated on the front in colour and described on the reverse. Included are the balancing wine glass and the vanishing egg trick, but be warned number 43 is completely unacceptable in this day and age.  There is another confectionery issue at Lot 34, a Merrysweets set of L48 Telegum TV Stars 1958 estimated at £75. This lovely set features TV personalities including Bob Monkhouse, Tony Hancock, Harry Secombe, Vera Lynn and Norman Wisdom plus children’s favourites Snoozy the seal and Rin Tin Tin. Lot 36 also looks to the stars, but this time we are talking about space. The set is Sanitarium Austalia M20 Secrets of Space 1968 which looks at such things as space suits, Gemini in orbit, communication satellites etc. The set at lot 40 contains plenty of aliens from outer space, this is the Bubbles Inc UK set of L50 The Outer Limits 1966 (est. £290). This 1960s television sci-fi featured all manner of weird and wonderful beings including the Clay Man, Martians and an Ice man. It is good to have a complete set of these as so often we only have odd cards. Lot 41 is another Bubbles Inc UK Outer Limits item, this is an empty waxed sales wrapper for Outer Limits dating from 1966 and estimated at £40. There are different empty waxed sales wrappers between lots 42 and 44, then there are type cards between lots 45 and 70 which include lot 48 a Churchman type of Beauties CERF No. 12 Ref H.57 dating from 1904 (est. £65) featuring a lady in an unusual head-dress and lot 51 a F & J Smith type of Footballers brown back No. 46 featuring G. Anderson of Kilmarnock and dated 1902 (est. £50). This football card advertises Smith’s Cup Tie cigarettes on the back. There are more type cards between lots 75 and 77, then lot 78 is a Arthur James UK advert card for “Intrinsic Needles Sharpes 5 Warranted A.1 Wrappers patented 1867” c1890 (est. £15) this is one third of a triple folder which on the back pictures Shakespeare’s birthplace Stratford-on-Avon and is size 84 x 42 (RB125/JAM-020) and dated from around 1890.  There are empty cigarette and sweet cigarette packets between lots 80 and 85 then lots 86 to 90 are all Liebig sets.

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Lot 91 to 180

Lot 110

Two part sets immediately drew our eye in this section, namely lot 110 Churchman 54/55 Can You Beat Bogey at St Andrews without overprint and minus the Joker 1933 (estimated at £162 in VG condition) which features fictional characters playing a round of golf on the St Andrews course which were issued in connection with a competition and lot 111 a Pattreiouex part set of 50/75 Cricketers Series 1926 (est. £525) which pictures the likes of Australian C.V. Grimmett, former Sussex player C.B. Fry and Yorkshire’s W. Rhodes. These have colour pictures and an interesting write up on the reverse. Also worth a mention in this section is lot 128 Oxo 15 Bull Series 1927 (estimated at £45). This set is unusual and features not just fine examples of different breeds of bull such as the Belted Galloway, Sussex and Dexter, but also trophies for best of breed sponsored by Oxo and a picture of the Prince of Wales planting a tree on one of their supply farms. The backs picture 6 English counties and explain that Oxo supply farms are 1400 square miles greater in area that these counties. We are back to the more familiar world of sport with lot 134 which is a Murray type card of Football Rules – Rugby Football Try at Goal No. 11 c1911(est. £27). This pictures cartoon rugby players set on a dark green background with the rule set out on the back. There are more type cards between lots 135 and 146 including a section of Chinese issues between lots 138 and 144. Lot 147 is a  Kinnear set of 1 A Gentleman in Kharki from 1900 which in poor condition is estimated at £30 and pictures Mr Caton Woodville’s drawing illustrating Kipling’s “Absent Minded Beggar”. There are more type cards between lots 148 and 151, 153 and 155 and 157 and 161 with this last batch including lot 160 a type of A & BC Gum Footballers Scottish 1964/65 No. 47 (est. £13) picturing Alex Hamilton of Dundee who we are told is a strong tackler. There are postcards at lots 162 and 163 and again at lot 165, then more type cards between 167 and 170. Lots 171 and 172 are both Pro Match football sets, lots 175 and 176 are both Cibils sets from c1900 and this selection ends at lot 180 with a Reemstma Tob Germany set of Aus Wald Und Flur (in wood and field) from 1937.

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Lots 181 to 270

Lot 252

There are some interesting sets and part sets at the beginning of this section, but one lot definitely worth a mention is lot 196, a Sclivagnoti Tob Malta set of 50 Actresses and Cinema Stars dating from 1923 and estimated at £115. These include Gladys Cooper, Cicely Debenham and Evelyn Laye. Evelyn is the subject of two cards in the set, both different pictures, and others on more than one card include Fay Compton, Gladys Marsh, Joyce Barbour (who has three cards), Madge Saunders, Mimi Crawford and Rosie Campbell. Quite why this should be we don’t know. Next, lot 197 is the Edwards Ringer & Bigg set of 37 Flags of All Nations from 1907 this is the issue with “4½d per ounce” and “Smoke Exmoor Hunt” on the back. Due to its good to very good condition this is estimated at £280 and includes the flags for Mexico, United States, Japan etc. together with standards and shields. Do you remember the A Team TV series? If so you will love lot 206 a Monty Gum part set of M97/100 The A Team 2nd Series 1983 (est. £34) picturing characters and scenes from the action-packed series about ex-military men who were available for hire.  As always this auction contains a section of Brooke Bond items which are between lots 214 and 239. These include lot 215 a Brooke Bond Canada set of 48 Dinosaurs 1963 (estimated at £40) which contains attractive pictures of Tyrannosaurus, Diplodocus, Iguanodon and our favourite the Camarasaurus. Lot 242 is a Robinson & Barnsdale set 1 Advertisement card for Colin Campbell Cigars c1897 and estimated at £125. This is the issue with the E on the back which is unequal with the rest of the letters. There are type cards between lots 243 and 261 which include lot 252 a Clarke type of Football Series No. 14 dating from 1902 (est. £32) and featuring W. Bennett of Sheffield United and lot 256 a Hignett type of Music Hall Artistes from c1900 (est. £60) featuring Lily Harold in a long coat and head-dress, but no  number is visible. There are more postcards between lots 262 and 265 and the section ends with a part set of Sarony Cinema Stars 5th Series c1931.

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Lots 271 to 360

Lot 286

Among the interesting items in this section is lot 275 an Ardath set of L30 Gainsborough Series c1915 with an estimate of £75. These reproduce in black and white famous pictures by Gainsborough and the fronts tell you where the pictures could be found, for instance, the painting titled Orpin, Parish Clerk is in the National Gallery in London whilst the portrait of George III is in Windsor Castle. The backs explain that if you sent a completed series of these to the company they would send a volume of Gainsborough’s Masterpieces in colour. We are back to sport with lot 280 which is a Carreras set of 50 Famous Footballers cut Turf Slides from 1951 with an estimate of £95. These consist of blue cartoon footballers in action, but with real photo heads and amongst them are Wilf Mannion, Alf Ramsey, Len Shackleton, the legendary Tom Finney, Billy Wright and Nat Lofthouse. There is another Carreras set of caricatures at lot 281, Carreras Australia 24 Personality Series 1933 (est. £55) which features Australians such as air ace Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and legendary cricketer Don Bradman in excellent artwork by Bob Mirams. Lot 283 is another football set, this time a Typhoo Tea set of L24 Famous Football Clubs 1st Series package issue 1964 which in good to very good condition is estimated at £55. This set contains team photos of famous clubs with highlights of their achievements on the fronts and plain backs. Included are Arsenal, Cardiff City, Glasgow Rangers, Chelsea etc. We go all oriental with lot 286 a G Phillips set of 25 Chinese Series with a picture of their Volunteer Cigarettes packet on the reverse and Chinese writing c1910 (est. £230). The pictures on the front are brilliantly coloured and picture Chinese ladies in flowing costumes or warriors in ancient dress. Insignia of warriors of WWI can be found in lot 287 Churchman 25 Army Badges of Rank 1916 (est. £115) which picture sleeves with badges such as Colonel, Infantry Pioneer, Master Gunner 1st Class etc. There are more type cards between 309 and 322 amongst which is lot 318 a F & J Smith type of Footballers brown back No. 60 1902 (est. £40) featuring J.W. Sutcliffe of Bolton Wanderers who we are told also played rugby for Heckmondwike. Lot 323 is a Bells Whisky Set of 1 The Queens Silver Jubilee from 1977, then there are more type cards between lots 324 and 340 then there are a selection of varieties between lots 341 and 348. Next at lot 351 is a Wills Colour Print of “And when did you last see your Father” 1932 which is estimated at £15 and this selection ends with lot 360 a Players Doncella empty special album for Britain’s Endangered Wildlife 1984 (est. £15).

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Lots 361 to 409

Lot 401

There is a fascinating set at lot 365 issued just after the death of Queen Victoria, this is Gallaher 50 Royalty Series 1902 which with a few cards fair and good and the rest very good is estimated at £280. The great lady herself is on the first card and then we proceed through her immediate family including Edward VII who succeeded her to the throne and extending out to her overseas relations like the German Emperor, who was of course the grandson of Queen Victoria. There is a comprehensive text on the reverse which tells us, among other things, that “no man has been more sincerely liked wherever he has set foot than Edward VII. Long live the King!” If you are not a fan of royalty perhaps the next lot, lot 366, will be of interest this is a part set of 18/20 Breeds of Dogs from 1914 (est. £280) containing lovely colour canine pictures with a list of desired attributes of the breed on the reverse. For instance the Bull Dog should be broader in front that behind and weigh no more than 20 lbs and the English Setter should have a hairy fringe on the backs and fronts of its legs as well as the toes. Other favourites in the set include the Dachshund and the Labrador Retriever. A few lots down at lot 370 is another part set, this time A & BC Gum L48/55 Monkees black and white issue dating from 1967 and estimated at £130. These contain pictures of the original boy band who were formed for a TV show, but went on to have a number of hits. The backs make up into a sectional picture of the band and some of the fronts have facsimile autographs. Lot 389 in contrast is a Donruss set of LT9 Twister The Film the Dark Side of Nature with foil fronts numbered F1 to F9 and dating from 1996 (est. £27). These cards contain scenes from the successful Twister film in which Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton play stormchasers researching tornadoes. There is no text on these cards, but the pictures speak for themselves. There are more dogs at lot 395, a Pascall set of 18 Dogs 1924 (estimated at £85). These lovely colour dog pictures contain an advert for Pascall’s sweets and chocolates whilst the backs give details of the breed and the name of the dog as well as details of how you could win a presentation casket of sweets. Amongst the canines in this batch are the Cocker Spaniel, Bloodhound, Collie and French Toy Bulldog. As always this last section contains some autograph  and promo cards which can be found between lots 400 and 404 and 406 and 408 respectively. These include lot 401 a Cornerstone USA autograph card of Hammer Horror Series Two David Prowse dated 1997 which in mint condition is estimated at £50. David is, of course, best known for playing Darth Vader in the Star Wars films. Among the promo cards is lot 408 a Cult-Stuff promo for Vintage Transport Poster Collection No.VT-P1 2013 which is estimated at £3 then the auction ends with two LCCC type red albums each with 30 leaves.

Good luck with your bids.

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The Catalogue, which contains a full description of all 409 lots, can be obtained FREE of charge by writing to The London Cigarette Card Company Limited at the address below or by telephone, fax or e-mail (see request form at the bottom of the page). A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet, which comes with the free auction catalogue, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner.

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