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Lot 47

KWe are sure there is something for everyone amongst the 409 lots in this auction some of which have estimates of just a few pounds, but the star lot has got to be lot 47 a Beauty advertisement card by John Player & Sons Ref H. 338-1 ‘Navy Cut Cigarettes’ issue dating from 1883-84. This beautiful lady is remarkable for her age, the colours are like new and the card itself is in good condition. The estimate of £325 almost seems too cheap for such a venerable card. If you have any queries about any of these lots then don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01458 273452 or email

Remember we do not have any hidden costs its the cost of the winning bid plus postage and that's it!!

Lots 1 to 90

Lot 21

We start our highlight with a stunning part set by R J Lea at lot 13, namely 46/50 Modern Miniatures (minus Nos. 1,8,12 and 32) dating from 1913 and in very good condition estimated at £90. This contains delightful colour pictures of stage performers including Lily Langtry who was more famous as the King’s mistress, ballerina Anna Parlova who had a pudding named after her and legendary actress Ellen Terry whose house and stage costumes are now owned by the National Trust. There is another old set at lot 20, namely Gallaher 50 Regimental Colours & Standards 1899 which with a few fair cards and the rest good to very good is estimated at £320. The colour and detail in these cards really makes them stand out and the backs give battle honours for regiments such as the Royal Marines, Black Watch etc. Lot 21 by contrast is a more modern set, this is Cards Inc LT6 The Saint numbered SP1 to SP6, the Premier Edition dating from 2002 and estimated in mint condition at £18. This features Roger Moore as the hero Simon Templar and includes the infamous spanking scene. Further down at lot 38 is another more recent trade set, an Impel USA set of LT210 Disney 1991 estimated at £15. This features favourite cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Donald Duck in a variety of different and comic situations. Lots 43 to 70 are all type cards amongst which is our star lot mentioned in the introduction and lot 68 a Taddy type of Prominent Footballers ‘H.Clay of Bristol City’ 1907 (est. £28) which has ‘Imperial’ on the back but not the footnote. Lot 71 is a Secret Decoder for The Champions from 1969 then the type cards continue between lots 72 and 76, lots 77 to 79 are empty waxed sales wrappers for Kiss and Elvis, lots 80 to 83 are all Liebig sets, lots 84 and 85 are empty Bassett candy sticks packets, then the section ends with empty cigarette packets, boxes and tins (lots 86 to 90).

Lots Left to Right

20 , 38 , 68

Lots 91-180

Lot 162

This section starts with a couple of modern football sets, but it is the one at lot 97 we wish to highlight. This is a Bassett set of 50 Football 1981-82 (1981) which in VG-FCC is estimated at £200. This includes the likes of Viv Anderson, Gordon Strachan, Lou Macari and Mick Channon and is sure to bring back memories. Among the sets and part sets that follow is the ever-popular Bubbles Inc set of L50 Outer Limits 1966 (lot 108, est. £270) which features all kinds of monsters and aliens. Lots 134 to 156 are all type cards including lot 145 a R & J Hill type of Fragments From France ‘Our Adaptable Armies’ black and white issue dating from 1916 (est. £75 in good condition) featuring a humorous drawing by Capt. Bruce Bairnsfather which provided a little light relief during the First World War and lot 147 a Hudden type of Types of Smokers No. 23 ‘Germany’ c1903 which is estimated at £40. The smoker in this last card is in German army uniform with spiked helmet and is smoking a huge pipe. Lot 157 is another type card, but this is an El Progresso Tob Ecuador type of Famous Pictures which is unrecorded and described on page 207 of the Card Collectors News Magazine October issue. There are more types between 160 and 167 which include lot 162 a Cotton type of Golf Strokes A/B No. A.39/B12 from 1936 which in very good condition is estimated at £10. This card shows Archie Compston demonstrating the No. 1 iron shot on the front and full drive on the back, which we are told was one of fifty instructive slow-motion photographs which could be fastened together to make a flicker book of golf shots. Lots 168 to 170 are all Topps Star Wars collectors tins, then lots 171 and 172 are card magazines and lot 176 is a Barratt special album for Famous Footballers Series A10 with 3 cards stuck in dating from 1962 (est. £15). This selection ends with two Card Collectors Society reprint set.

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97 , 108 , 147

Lots 181-270

Lot 202

This section starts with an interesting mix of sets, but it is a part set that drew our eye, namely lot 202, 243 out of 258 Transvaal Series including varieties 1900-1 which in mostly good to very good condition is estimated at £400. This includes views of Ladysmith and Pretoria, a sectional map, weapons, war leaders etc. There are several cards of Lord Kitchener in this set as well as Boer leader President Kruger, Gen. Sir Revers Buller, Col. Baden Powell. By way of a complete contrast lot 215 is a Chix set of 36 Looney Tunes 1990 full slides from candy sticks packets (est. £18) which features cartoon favourites such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Road Runner. Lot 219 is another modern issue, namely a Cards Inc. set of LT15 Thunderbirds silver foil sub set 2001 (mint est. £30) which pictures vehicles and characters from the popular Gerry & Sylvia Anderson puppet show including arch-villain The Hood. Lots 220 to 242 are all Brooke Bond items, the latter (lot 242) being a type card of Place the Face Bingo with three faces ‘Barber/Charlton/Heath’ dating from 1972 and estimated at £35.00. There are more type cards between lots 243 and 263 including lot 244 a Sweetule type of International Footballers No. 11 ‘Albert Quixall, Manchester United’ cut package issue 1959 (estimated in very good condition at £10), then lot 264 is a Chadwick USA advert card for Chadwick’s Spool Cotton picturing a girl holding an umbrella and dating from around 1900 (est. £10). Lots 265 to 268 are all postcards, lot 269 is a Lotteria Italo-Americana advert card with a lady looking left (bust length) with star brooch dated 28th June 1892 estimated at £15.00 and the section ends with a Facchino part set of Cinema Stars.

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219 , 242 , 244

Lots 271-360

Lot 289

Among the sets and part-sets at the beginning of this section is lot 289 the charming R & J Hill set of 20 Breeds of Dogs dating from 1914 with some fair and good cards estimated at £350. The dogs featured are full of character and include the Dachshund, Bloodhound and King Charles Spaniel with informative text on the reverse. Lot 294 is a Monty set of M64 Space Alpha 1999 dating from 1978 which in mint condition is estimated at £32.00. This pictures scenes from the popular British TV sci-fi programme created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson set on Moonbase Alpha. We go back to 1938 with the part-set at lot 308, namely Goudey Gum USA 8/66 Auto License Plates 1938 which is estimated at £20 in VG-FCC condition. As the title suggests these picture car licence plates for different states and the backs are full of information about the region giving nicknames, slogans, state flowers and origin of the names as well as the usual population figures and capital cities. There are American type cards between lots 320 and 323, then lots 324 to 330 are all Chinese type cards. The type cards continue between lots 331 and 341, with this batch containing two County Print types, namely lot 338 a County Print type card of Northamptonshire Test Cricketers No. 1 ‘C.E.L. Ambrose’ signed by the player 1993 estimated at £20.00 and lot 339 a County Print type of Australian Test Cricketers No. 13 ‘T.J. Zoehrer’ signed by the player dated 1993 and estimated at £20.00. Then there are more type cards between lots 344 and 348, a Spratts Holland advert card at lot 349, followed by postcards at lots 350 and 351, an Anstie silk at lot 352 then lot 353 is an unrecorded card (Parris British View c1930) which is mentioned in Discoveries on page 207 of Card Collectors News magazine October issue and the section ends with lot 360 a part set of J Wix silk flags.

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308 , 339

Lots 361 to the End

Lot 402

This section starts with varieties between lots 361 and 368, but it is two sporting lots we want to highlight. These are lot 370 a United Tobacco Company South African part-set of L16/17 South African Cricket Touring Team British Isles, the issue with autographs, dating from 1929 which includes A.J. Bell and D. Morkel and the T.H Collins Tobacco set of 25 Sports and Pastimes dating from 1923 which with some cards only good is estimated at £180. There are some delightful scenes depicted in this last set including motoring in the country, ladies doing archery and winter sports like skating, tobogganing and ski jumping as well as many different types of hunting. There is another sporting set at lot 381, but this time the sport is boxing and this is the Cartledge set of 50 Famous Prize Fighters with matt front dating from 1938 which in top condition is estimated at £125. These take us through the history of boxing from the “Father of Boxing” John Broughton in 1704 through to Jack Doyle of the 1930s. Also included is an artist’s impression of the legendary Joe Louis. There is more sport at lot 390 in the Topps set of LT40 Match Attax Xtra Man of the Match 204/15 sub set (mint, est. £30), but this time the sport is football and included are the likes of Harry Kane and Romelu Lukaku. If you want something completely different then lot 392 Players part set of L5/6 World of Gardening 1976 may appeal (est. £35). This contains lovely flower pictures which are printed booklet style with the back and adjoining page giving details of a Grandee World of Gardening Competition which ended in November 1976. As always in this last section there are a number of autograph cards which can be found between lots 399 and 403 and include lot 402 a Strictly Ink autograph card of the Avengers No. A2 Linda Thorson as Tara King 2003 (mint, est. £35). Lot 404 is a Rittenhouse type card of Star Trek Original Series Quotable Star Fleet’s Finest No. F7 Walter Koenig as Chekov which is rare and a limited edition of 399. This is in mint condition and is therefore estimated at £60. There are promo cards between lots 405 and 407 then this selection ends with two albums. All in all there is plenty of variety in this auction and we hope you enjoyed reading this and wish you luck with your bids.

Lots Left to Right

370 , 390 , 404

The Catalogue, which contains a full description of all 409 lots, can be obtained FREE of charge by writing to The London Cigarette Card Company Limited at the address below or by telephone, fax or e-mail (see request form at the bottom of the page). A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet, which comes with the free auction catalogue, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner.

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