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Lot 108

Cricket lovers are spoilt for choice in this auction, but it is a sporting set of a different type that is our star item from among the 412 lots in this auction. This is lot 108  F & J Smith Football Club Records 1921-22, estimated in mostly good to very good condition at £750. The backs give details of the relevant league and results and the set includes Welsh and Scottish sides as well as English teams. A real glimpse into the past and well worth a bid. If you require further information about any lot in this auction please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01458 273452 or via

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Lots 1 to 90

Lot 18

The first item to draw to your attention in this section is lot 2 a County Print set of 25 Prominent Cricketers 1894 (1990) which in mint condition is estimated at £40.00. This contains excellent colour drawings of Victorian cricketers including G. L. Jessop of Gloucestershire, Yorkshire’s Lord Hawke and W.C. Hedley of Somerset, backed by informative text. The set also includes a Certificate of Limitation card numbered 238 out of 300. There is a fascinating Victorian part set at lot 17, Wills 48 out of 50 Seaside Resorts 1899, which in mixed condition is estimated at just £300. We love the detail in these cards which include people, boats, bathing machines and the card for Blackpool includes the Tower, which had only been built 5 years before. There is another part set at lot 18, A & BC Gum L60 out of 81 Footballers Scottish 1964 (green backs) which is estimated at £700. These include a team picture of Dundee and a mixture of head and shoulders and action shots. Footballers include Celtic’s right-back Duncan McKay, Dundee’s Robert Seith and Alan Gilzean, Falkirk’s Tommy Lowry and Heart’s William Wallace (includes the checklist card). These are well-done with facts and a quiz question in green on the back. There is an excellent extra-large set at lot 35, this Nugget Polish EL40 Mail Carriers and Stamps c1920 which in less than perfect condition is given a more affordable estimate of £150. As the title suggests this pictures postal delivery in different lands with typical stamps in each corner. Lots 42 to 75 are all type cards including lot 65 a Kinnear type of Jockeys ‘Madden’ 1896 Ref H240-1-1 (in fair condition estimated at £35). This bears the ‘Seven Spears’ trade mark on the back and ‘Kinnear’s Handicap Cigarettes’ on the front. At lot 76 there is a Wheeler & Wilson USA Advert card for Family Sewing Machine ‘The No. 9’ c1888 picturing a lady behind a sewing machine holding a parrot with a girl and cat in the foreground and the back is stamped ‘Edw. Dahill, Agent’. Lots 78 to 80 are all empty waxed sales wrappers, lots 81 to 86 are all empty cigarette or candy sticks packets, then lots 87 to 90 are all Liebig issues.

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35 , 76 

Lot 91 to 180

Lot 102

First in this section to catch our eye is lot 94 a Wills part set of 5/50 Soldiers and Sailors blue backs c1984 which in poor to fair condition is estimated at £45.00. The military personnel are from Europe and include a German Officer of Cuirassiers who is wearing a type of helmet similar to those associated with the German army in the First World War.  There is another 1920s football set at lot 102, namely Ogdens 44 Captains of Association Football Clubs and Colours 1926 (est. £165) which includes the likes of C.M. Buchan of Arsenal and Barnsley’s J. Gittins. Then at lot 109 is an A & BC Gum part set of M111/120 All Sports 1954 with an estimate of £325.00. This includes black and white shots of football stars Tom Finney and Stanley Matthews, cricketers Trevor Bailey and Denis Compton, World Sprint Record Holder E. McDonald Bailey, champion jockey Gordon Richards, Stirling Moss, tennis player Tony Mottram, boxer Henry Cooper as well as table tennis champions, ice hockey stars, speedway riders, golfers etc. If you want a bit more glamour then check out lot 111 an Ardath set of EL18 Real Photos 4th Series Film & Stage Stars 1937 (est. £42) which contains good size glossy black and white photos of actresses such as Jeanette Macdonald, Jean Muir and Joan Blondell. There are type cards between lots 130 and 149 including lot 138 an F & J Smith type of Footballers brown back No. 5 ‘J. Ross, Bury’ 1902 which in very good condition is estimated at £50.00 and lot 148 a Salmon & Gluckstein type of Billiard Terms No. 9 (the large numeral issue) c1905 (estimated at £80 in very good condition). This charming picture shows Edwardian ladies playing billiards and is titled ‘Misses!”.  The types continue with a number of American issues (lots 150 to 158) and lot 160, an A & BC Gum type of Elvis Presley Series No. 5 1959 (est. £15) with quote from the legendary star on the reverse, before ending at lot 165. There are empty special albums between lots 170 and 173, then at lot 174 is an F.K.S set of 400 Soccer Stars 1977-78 stuck into its special album estimated at £45. This section ends with lot 180 an Ogdens empty special album for Guinea Gold General Interest Series Nos. 1 to 200 c1901 which in fair to good condition is estimated at £30.

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109 , 111 , 148 

Lots 181 to 270

Lot 198

Items to look out for in this section include lot 198 a Nicholls set of 50 Orders of Chivalry 1916 (est. £320) with detailed drawings of medals from around the world including the Blue Button of China and the Elephant of Denmark and lot 199 a Gallaher set of 100 Famous Cricketers 1926 (est. £300) which includes the likes of  Yorkshire’s W. Rhodes, Frank Woolley of Kent, the legendary W.G. Grace and a number of Australian cricketers. At lot 218 is a part set of A & BC Gum L34/55 Star Trek 1969 (est. £300), containing blue bordered pictures from an episode of the original series which followed the adventures of the crew of the star ship Enterprise led by Captain Kirk. The backs tell the story and some contain space facts such as a year on Mercury is 87.9 days. Lots 219 to 240 are all Brooke Bond items including lot 221 a Brooke Bond South Africa set of 50 Wild Van Africa (bilingual) 1965 which in mint condition is estimated at £250. This set contains some stunning wildlife pictures, the apes in particular are very lifelike and the leopard card really emphasizes how well the spots on this big cat help it blend into the background. Lot 241 is a Musgrave Brooke Bond type card and lots 242 and 243 are also Brooke Bond types. The type cards continue between lots 244 and 255 and included in this batch is lot 248 a Players type of plain back proof titled ‘Discovery of Greenland by Eric the Red 983’ 1915 (est. £10). It was previously thought this could be an unissued series and this was mentioned in Card Collectors News in the December 2017 issue, but we have discovered that this is in fact a proof card from Polar Exploration 1st Series 1915. There is a Bazooka Joe insert at lot 256 then the type cards continue to lot 263. Lots 264 to 267 are all postcards, then this section ends with a couple of Card Collectors Society reprints.

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218 , 221 , 248

Lots 271 to 360

Lot 289

First to mention in this section is another cricket series, this is lot 271 a Select Australia set of LT100 1997-98 Premium Cricket Series 1 which includes big names like Shane Warne and Ricky Pointing and a checklist card. There is an interesting part set at lot 287, namely Drapkin 39/48 Photogravure Masterpieces 1915 with an estimate of £320. These brown and white pictures replicate famous works of art such as scenes from The Cries of London by F. Wheatley Rodin’s The Kiss,, Gainsborough’s Mrs Graham, Hogarth’s series of paintings known as The Rake’s Progress and the statue of Venus de Milo. There is another cricket set at lot 289, a Carreras set of 50 Famous Cricketers 1950, which are cut ‘Turf’ slides featuring blue tinted pictures made up of caricature bodies and real faces. The stars include Cyril Washbrook, Dennis Compton, Alec Bedser and Tom Graveney. Lots 314 to 340 are all type cards including Chinese issues (lots 320 to 326) and lot 327 is a Sweetule type of International Footballers No. 7 ‘Mel Charles, Arsenal’ package issue 1959 (est. £10). This contains a Paul Tevellion caricature of the footballer who also played for Wales. Lots 341 to 344 are all postcards, then there are varieties between lots 345 and 351 and empty special albums between lots 356 and 360

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Lots 361 to 412

Lot 376

The first item in this section is an Inkworks empty special album for Simpsons Mania 2001 (lot 361, est. £12) and this is followed at lot 364 by another cricket set, this time the F & J Smith set of 50 Cricketers 1st Series 1912. These have been cut from a proof sheet and are in fair condition so can be yours for just £200 instead of the normal price of £1,000. The black edged sepia photos include players such as South African J.J. Kotze, Wilfred Rhodes and C.B. Fry. Lot 373 is a set of Razor USA LT76 Razor Poker 2006 featuring real poker players such as Amir Vahedi and Josh Arieh (est. £12), then we are back to cricket again at lot 376 which is a Morning Foods set of 25 Test Cricketers 1953 (est. £68). This black and white set features Australian stars such as Richie Benaud and Don Bradman with the ‘Mornflake Quick Cooking Oats’ logo on the back. Lot 395 is an excellent football set by Soccer Bubble Gum of L48 Soccer Teams No. 1 Series 1957 which in largely very good condition is estimated at £115. This contains teams such as Arsenal, West Ham Bristol City, Spurs, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool and Manchester United. Lots 402 to 405 are autograph cards, which include lot 402 a Strictly Ink autograph card of Doctor Who Series 2 No. AU2 Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor 2001 (mint, est. £50) and lot 405 is an Inkworks Autograph card of Charmed Destiny No. A7 Kerr Smith as Kyle 2006 (est. £15). The next two lots are type cards, then there are three promo card lots and the auction ends with two lots of Post Office stamp postcards.

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373 , 395 , 402 , 405

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The Catalogue, which contains a full description of all 412 lots, can be obtained FREE of charge by writing to The London Cigarette Card Company Limited at the address below or by telephone, fax or e-mail (see request form at the bottom of the page). A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet, which comes with the free auction catalogue, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner.

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