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Lot 169

We are sure there is something for everyone amongst the 360 lots in this auction some of which have estimates of just a few pounds, but the star lot has got to be lot 169 a Henderson UK set of EL132 General Interest Series which includes 14 sub sets of 6 on a variety of subjects and a sub set of 48 Flags and Costumes c1908 (estimate £700, but there is a reserve of £500). This is a fascinating set by the Edinburgh biscuit makers which covers loads of different themes including fairy tales, animals, birds, butterflies, serpents, home life in various countries, Egypt etc. The cards are so colourful and detailed whilst the backs contain a mixture of different adverts for their products many of which incorporate poetry or famous sayings. 

Whether you prefer cigarette cards to trade cards or old to new there is sure to be something in this auction to appeal and with some estimated at just a few pounds. If you have any queries about any of these auction lots then don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01458 273452 or contact us on 

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Lots 1 to 75

Lot 19

First to catch our eye in this section is lot 9 a charming Chivers set of L20 On Chivers Farms package issue c1955 which in very good condition is estimated at £25. The delightful pictures take us back to a bygone age of farming with Jersey cows, Percheron horses, Dairy Shorthorn cows, Middle White pigs, Rhode Island Red chicks etc. The backs are plain but the pictures more than make up for this. Next, at lot 19, there is a Taddy set of 25 Famous Jockeys without frameline but with blue title c1905 (estimated at £675). The jockeys include L. Lyne, H. Jones and E. Wheatley and the backs give information on their weight, where or who they ride for and their colours. There is sport of a different kind at lot 20 a Churchman set of 50 Famous Golfers 1927 (estimated at £500). This pictures some of the big names in golf like Harry Vardon, Tom Morris, Abe Mitchell and Walter Hagen in action, some of them on more than one card, and the comprehensive backs tell their story. There is an interesting part set at lot 23, namely Chix M4/48 Facts and Feats waxed paper issue, numbers 33,35,36 and 39 c1960 (in very good condition estimated at £20). These were issued with Champ Bubble Gum and cover a 25-feet high ants nest, historic crossings of the Atlantic, Egyptian Pyramids and the story of people drowning in beer – fascinating stuff. Lot 25 is an Inkworks set of LT7 Alias Season 3 Preview Set numbered T1 to T7 dating from 2004 (est. £7) which looks at the popular TV show and the complex relations of Sydney Bristow a young female spy. Lot 30 is a Chix set of 36 Looney Tunes 1990 candy sticks packet slides which in top condition is estimated at £36. These colourful packet slides feature the likes of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester and Tweety Pie etc. Lots 34 to 59 are all type cards, lot 60 is a gift coupon, lot 81 is an Ogdens ‘Robin Cigarettes’ insert pre1940 then the type cards continue between lots 62 and 69. Lots 70 and 71 are both Donruss USA empty waxed sales wrappers, then lots 72 to the end of this section (lot 75) are all Liebig issues. These include lot 72 a Liebig Europe set of EL6 Pierrot Cured by Liebig F182/S181 dating from 1886 and estimated at £90. This features the characters Pierrot and girlfriend Columbine who visit a doctor because Pierrot is ill and wasting away, happily for them the doctor prescribes a jar of Liebig meat extract and Pierrot is saved.

Lots Left to Right

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Lots 76 to 150

Lot 93

Lot 83 in this section is worth a mention, this is the Comic Images set of LT45 John Byrne Fantasy Art 1989 which in mint condition is estimated at £10. If Byrne’s name is not familiar to you then you have been missing out. As these cards show Byrne is a talented comic book artist of characters such as Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, Spiderman etc. These are double value as the backs make up into two sectional black and white drawings. We return to sport at lot 88 which is an A & BC Gum set of L132 Footballers red back 1974 in mint condition estimated at £265. This includes the likes of Trevor Brooking, Charlie George, Kevin Keegan and Geoff Hurst. The backs give information on the footballer and there is also a question with scratch-off answer panel. Lot 92, an Ogdens set of 50 Club Badges 1914 (estimated £245) is also concerned with sport, but this unusual set looks at the club badges of the Amateur Diving Association, Brooklands Automobile Racing Club, Edinburgh Harriers, Yorkshire Amateur Bowling Association etc. This is something very different and with plenty of facts on the back is well worth a bid. The next lot is also by the same issuer, this is lot 93 Ogdens set of 50 Orders of Chivalry 1907 with an estimate of £185. This features colourful insignia and medals such as the Collar and George of the Order of the Garter, the badge of the Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire, the Royal Red Cross and Albert Medal which are all described on the card backs. There are type cards between lots 110 and 139 which include a number of overseas issues such as the Chinese type cards at lots 120 to 127. Lots 140 and 141 are both postcards then lot 142 is a Spratts type of advert card with “Pure Fibrine Poultry Meal” at the bottom and Dutch text on the reverse dated c1900 and estimated at £18. This pictures two chickens, a cockrel, duck and goose in a farm scene. There is another postcard at lot 144, lots 146 and 147 are both empty special albums and this section ends at lot 150 with a Card Collectors Society reprint of Ogdens 1931 Motor Races c1998 which is slotted into black album pages (£15).

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Lots 151 to 225

Lot 167

Among the sets at the start of this section is lot 153 a Wintermans Tobacco set of L30 Disappearing Rain Forest 1991 which in mint condition is estimated at £12. These cards contain stunning colour pictures of the wildlife and plants which are more threatened by habitat destruction now than when this set was issued. Included are the Golden Lion Tamarin, Giant Anteater, Capybara and some stunning butterfly and frog pictures which really showcase the photographer’s talent. For something different check out lot 167 a R. Lloyd set of 10 Scenes from San Toy c1905 (est. £100). These picture characters from the famous musical comedy tale of star-crossed lovers set in China which was first performed in 1899. There is no text on the back, but the charming pictures make up for this and the name of the character is given on the front. Next, lot 168 is a Carreras set of 50 Famous Cricketers 1950 cut ‘Turf’ slides (estimated at £155) which contain blue and white pictures of players with real heads and cartoon bodies. Amongst the well-known cricketers are Denis Compton, Eric Bedser, Maurice Tremlett, Tom Graveney, Trevor Bailey, Jim Laker and Brian Close. Lots 179 to 197 contain our Brooke Bond selection including types and the type cards continue between lots 198 and 218. Amongst which a few caught our eye. The first of these is lot 207 a Taddy type card of Admirals & Generals The War, South African issue, number 4 c1915 (est. £36). This features Gen. Sir H.L. Smith-Dorrien who whilst still a young officer was one of the very few British survivors of the Battle of Isandwana in the Zulu wars and had a distinguished career in the 2nd Boer War and in World War 1. At lot 201 is a Maynards type of Strange Insects, number 4, c1920 (estimated at £5) which features the Walking Leaf Insect, then lot 212 is a Wills overseas type card of Miniatures Oval Medallions 1914 (estimated in very good condition at £65) picturing ‘Henrietta Maria’ who was the wife of King Charles I. There is another postcard at lot 219 then this selection ends with three lots of empty special albums.

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Lots 226 to 300

Lot 244

This section starts with a number of sets and part sets which include lot 240 a Bale and Son UK set of 24 Nursery Rhymes with black border on front c1920 which are unrecorded and can be found in Discoveries on page 000 in this magazine. At lot 244 is a Wills overseas set of 25 Victoria Cross Heroes ‘Scissors’ issue dated 1915 (estimated at £100) which pictures gallant heroes from the early part of the First World War who were awarded the Victoria Cross for their deeds, often awarded posthumously. The backs contain a red picture of the company’s ‘Scissor Cigarettes’ packet and a write-up about the heroes and why they won their medals Lot 246 is The Girl’s Friend silks set of M6 Actresses (paper backed silks) dating from 1912 which is estimated at £65 in good to very good condition and contains colour pictures of stars such as Gladys Cooper, Mary Pickford and Alma Taylor from the silent movie era, with text about the actress on the paper backs. There are more type cards between lots 256 and 274 amongst which are lot 270, a Duke Tobacco USA type of Musical Instruments c1890 (est. £20) featuring the harp and Lot 272 a Victory Cigarettes type of Beauties number 12 c1908 (£30) which is another unrecorded card and can be found on Discoveries on page 000. Lot 275 is an Ogdens Coupon picturing a girl carrying tobacco leaves on her head and dated January 30th 1903 (estimated at £20). The type cards continue between lots 276 and 283 then lots 284 and 285 are both postcards, lot 286 is a bookmark, lots 290 to 296 are all varieties, lots 297 and 298 are empty special albums/folders and this selection ends with lot 300 an Inkworks empty special album for The Simpsons.

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Lots 301 to 360

Lot 309

There are two sets from 1914 towards the start of this section which are both worth a mention. Lot 302 is the F & J Smith set of 25 War Incidents 1st Series, toned back issue, dating from 1914 which is estimated at £150 due to condition. This fascinating set takes a look at the early years of the First World War which as well as covering the British arrival looks at Russians training, French Lancers, Belgian troops desperately defending their homeland, Algerian troops in France, Austrians converting public buildings to barracks, tragic scenes after the destruction of Visé and Belgian refugees plus unusual shots showing German artillery and the use of dogs to draw guns and carry messages. Lot 303 is an R & J Hill set of 20 Breeds of Dogs 1914 (estimated at £390) and when you see some of the beautiful and devoted canines in this set it really brings home the tragedy of dogs being caught up in war. The charming pictures include the Dachshund, St. Bernard, Airedale Terrier, Collie, English Setter, Bloodhound, King Charles Spaniel, Labrador Retriever etc., with plenty of text about the breed on the reverse. For something completely different check out lot 309 a Sanitarium New Zealand set of L25 Jets of the World 1965 which in top condition is estimated at £25. This contains colour drawings of aircraft (signed “Fleck”) such as a Vickers VC 10, MIG-21, Lockheed Starfighter, Handley Page Victor, Douglas DC-8, Concorde, Boeing 707 and Avro Vulcan. We return to dogs at lot 312 with a Pascall set of 18 Dogs dating from 1924 which in top condition is estimated at £110. This contains colour pictures of breeds such as the Irish Setter, Bob-Tailed Sheep Dog, Great Dane, French Toy Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel etc., all with the name of the dog and details of the breed on the back along with details of  the sweet products in which the cards were issued and an offer of a “Presentation Casket of Sweets and Chocolates” to those sending a complete set of cards to the company. We wonder if anyone claimed this fantastic prize!  Next there is a treat for those who remember the popular Gerry Anderson TV show Supercar which was broadcast in 1959, as at lot 317 is a Cards Inc. set of LT6 Supercar Preview Set dated 2002 (estimated at £17). This is a limited edition preview set of 300 picturing supermarionation action from the show with advertising for the company’s up-coming series of cards on Gerry Anderson shows on the reverse. In case rail enthusiasts feel they are missing out we had to mention lot 328, which is a Cassell’s set of M6 British Engines (locomotives) c1925 estimated at £40. Then lots 337 to 345 contain a selection of autograph and promo cards as well as a sketch card at lot 341 namely Cards Inc. sketch card of Thunderbirds The Movie by John Czop 2004 (in mint condition estimated at £30) featuring the head and shoulders of two men with the largest one on the right. There are albums, leaves and interleaves between lots 351 and 356, literature at lots 357 and 358 and the auction ends with two Post Office stamps postcards at lots 359 and 360.

 Hopefully there is something of interest for everyone and good luck with your bids.

Lots Left to Right

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The Catalogue, which contains a full description of all 360 lots, can be obtained FREE of charge by writing to The London Cigarette Card Company Limited at the address below or by telephone, fax or e-mail (see request form at the bottom of the page). A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet, which comes with the free auction catalogue, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner.

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