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Lot 20

The most expensive and our star lot this month is lot 20 a Clarke set of 30 Cricketers Series dating from 1901 which with some poor, fair and good cards is estimated at £4,300. This is a hard to get set which includes the likes of W.G. Grace, C.B. Fry, W. Rhodes and J. Tunnicliffe..For further information about any lot, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone 01458 273452 or via e-mail

Other lots in the auction offer sets & type cards from as little as £2 a lot and many other card collecting items. Each lot is carefully described with its condition and estimated value. Make sure you read through the auction catalogue carefully so you don’t miss out. A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet or click here for information, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner.

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Lots 1 to 72

Lot 8

Amongst the gems in this section is lot 5, an ABC Cinema set of 20 British Soldiers black back issue 1950 which in mint condition is estimated at £25. This contains colourful drawings of soldiers from different regiments and eras with explanatory text on the reverse. These include The Black Watch, Life Guards, Royal Fusiliers, 93rd Argyll and Sutherland and Lancashire Fusiliers. Also looking very colourful are the stars in lot 8 a Carreras set of 96 Famous Film Stars 1935 (VG, estimated at £135). These include Fay Wray, Anna May Wong, Joan Crawford, Laurel and Hardy etc. There are plenty of interesting facts on the back as well which make this a fantastic set. There are more beauties in lot 17 a My Weekly Silks part set of M11/12 Floral Beauties c1915 (good condition, est. £75) which features beautiful women with flowers and a poem on the reverse. There are more lovely ladies illustrated in lot 21 a Duke Tobacco USA set of EL25 Illustrated Songs c1890 (in largely F-G condition estimated at £350), but this time the are illustrating popular songs including “Where are you going my pretty maid”, Auld Lang Syne and “Little Maggie May”. There are type cards between lots 30 and 38, then lot 39 is a Players advertisement card Beauties No. 2 Ref H.338 ‘Players Navy Cut Cigarettes’ back dating from 1893 (good condition, est. £300). Considering the age of this card it is amazing that the colours of the lady’s dress are still so strong. We return to type cards between lots 40 and 51 which include a number of overseas issues, then lot 52 is a Churchman M1 Christmas Greetings card from 1938 (estimated at £3), there are a couple more types between 53 and 55, then there is a mixture of items before we return for another selection of type cards between lots 60 and 63. These are followed by two postcards, empty sales wrappers (lots 66 to 68) and the section ends with lot 72 a Liebig Europe set of EL6 The World and Its Inhabitants dating from 1900.

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17 , 21 , 39

Lot 73 - 144

Lot 120

There are more Liebig issues at the start of this section, between lots 73 and 75 and these include lot 74 a Liebig Europe set of EL6 Adventures of a Kite F654/S667 dating from 1901 and in very good condition estimated at £60, which tell the tale of an unusual looking large kite being flown in old China, which is marked in flight by a balloonist with the Liebig name and end up in a temple being revered. The pictures are vividly coloured and charming whilst the backs contain French text and a mini black and white cartoon drawing of a Chinese gentleman balancing a Liebig jar on his feet, one hand etc. We haven’t highlighted any football items yet, but we rectify that with lot 86, an A & BC Gum part set of L74/89 Footballers Scottish 1st Series blue backs 1972 which in very good to finest collectible condition is estimated at £444 and well worth the money in our opinion due to their condition. Players include Asa Hartford, Bob Wilson, Pat Stanton etc. The set at lot 92 a Wm. Clarke & Son set of 50 Royal Mail 1914 (estimated at £380) may not be in such good condition (some poor and very good otherwise fair to good), but this is a chance to own this delightful and detailed set which covers history of the postal service and methods of mail delivery within the British empire. We are told, for instance, that as horses could not bear the unhealthy climate of Mashonaland wild zebras were trained to pull mail carriages instead and that mail was put onto trains at Riverside Station having been brought to Liverpool on liners from America. Lot 93 a B.A.T. set of 50 Indian Chiefs 1930 (estimated at £480 with some cards in less than very good condition) is another you won’t want to miss. This contains head and shoulders portraits of historic native American chiefs including Sitting Bull of the Dakota Sioux, Apache leader Geronimo, Chief Joseph of the Nez Perces and Young Black Dog of the Osage. These give you a glimpse into the old America and enable us to appreciate just how many different tribes and head-dresses there were. We continue the American history theme with lot 96, a Reynolds Tob USA set of 36 Snapshots of the Century plus the limited edition card from 2001 (estimate £46), but this time we compare developments between 1900 and 2000 on such themes as transport, technology, dance and music, architecture, fashion etc. An interesting set with plenty of fascinating information on the card backs. There are type cards between lots 104 and 132 which include lot 120 a Dunn’s Reliable Footwear type of War Portraits No. 20 Ref HX-27 c1916 (in good condition estimated at £80) featuring Admiral Sir W. H. May who was Admiral of the Fleet in 1913 and had a long and distinguished naval career and an unrecorded Barratt type at lot 131. There are more type cards between lots 134 and 141 then this selection ends with three empty cigarette packets (lots 142 to 144).

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74 , 86 , 93 , 96

Lot 145 to 216

Lot 156

One of the stand out lots from this section is lot 156 an Allman set of 12 Pin Up Girls numbered with “Ask for Allman Always” 1st Series 1953 (FCC, est. £60). This includes tastefully done pictures of scantily-clad females on the front with an advert for their Magnums cigarettes with ‘non-irritant paper’ on the back. There is a very impressive set at lot 171 this is Gallaher’s 100 Robinson Crusoe dating from 1928 and in mainly very good condition estimated at £200. We love the colourful pictures which tell the classic story of shipwreck and survival and will 100 cards in the set you are definitely getting value for money.  Lots 175 to 200 are all Brooke Bond items amongst which is lot 191 a Brooke Bond type card of Zena Skinner International Cookery Cards ‘Germany, Salami Salad’ 1974 with an estimate of £22. Then we have more type cards between lots 202 and the end of this section at 216, which include lot 208 a Duke Tob USA type of The Terrors of America and Their Doings ‘Extra! Extra!’ c1890 (fair condition, est. £15). This card pictures a boy selling newspapers with a checklist of other cards in the series on the reverse.

Lots Left to Right

191 , 208

Lots 217 to 288

Lot 245

We start this selection with lot 217 at Whitbread setoff M1 Inn Signs ‘The Britannia’ with plain back dating from 1958 (VG, est. £45). Britannia is the female personification of this country and is depicted with her helmet, shield and trident an image familiar from coins etc. A couple of lots down at lot 219 is a Walker, Harrison and Garthwaite type card of Dogs 1902 with calendar back (VG, est. £25) which features a lovely picture of a Pointer. The back advertises their dog biscuits and contains a calendar for 1902. Lots 221 and 222 are both postcards, then after a couple more type cards there are a number of sets and part sets which include lot 235 a Topps UK set of M30 Wacky Packages 1982 which in mint condition has an estimate of £21. These are stickers picturing products, many of which are still well-known, which have been humorously altered, for instance Dulux is changed to Doglon with a tagline “he’ll pant for our paint”, Andrex becomes Android “bathroom tissue for robots”, Bird’s becomes “Nurd’s Cow’dy Cow’dy Custard” and Bistow becomes Fisto “the gravy that knocks you out”. There are some odd inclusions for what could be considered a child’s set including beer and cigarette packages. That said these are good fun with backs that make up two identical sectional pictures. We return to football at lot 245 with a Gallaher set of 100 Famous Footballers green back 1925 estimated at £290 in nearly top condition. The players include Fred Tunstall of Sheffield United, Everton goalie Alfred Harland and Arsenal’s Charles M Buchan. There are a number of type cards between lots 255 and 280 amongst which are Chinese issues and lot 256 a Churchman type of Beauties CERF No. 8 Ref H.57 dating from 1904 and in very good condition except for light corner marks so estimated at £65. This picture a lady with a bonnet to one side of head and flowers in her hair. Lot 278 can also be found in this batch which is a Bubble Inc. type card of Mars Attacks No. 40 dating from 1964 and printed off-centre otherwise in very good condition at £23. This pictures a giant bug being destroyed by high-voltage electric wires. Lot 281 is a Household Sewing Machine Co USA advert card picturing a child standing on a chair speaking on a phone which dates from around 1890 and has a plain back. It seems curious that the card contains no pictures of the sewing machines the company were selling, but instead contains an example of an early use of a phone in advertising. The next lot is an AXA Holland type card of Sea Ports then lots 283 and 284 are both postcards and this section ends with lot 288 Barratt EL33 different Football cards.

Lots Left to Right

217 , 235 , 278

Lot 289 to 357

Lot 341

There are two sweet cigarette packets at lot 293 and 294 in this section, then lots 301 to 308 are all varieties. Lot 309 is a Pacific USA set of LT106 Rad Dudes 1990 in mint condition at £12. Five cards were not issued in this set which contains vividly coloured cartoons of youths such as Nerdy Nathan, Slamin’ Jamin’ James and Totally Tubular Tiffany. The first 55 backs take the form of conversations using plenty of slang whilst the remaining backs made up into two sectional pictures, plus there are two checklists. We return to football at lot 310 which is a Wills overseas set of 50 Famous Footballers 1914 with a picture in red of a ‘Scissors Cigarettes’ packet and information on the player on the backs. This is in good to very good condition at therefore estimated at £500 and includes the likes of T. Fairfoul of Liverpool and W. Lowe of Newcastle. There is an excellent car set at lot 319 Rolls Royce Motors L25 Bentley Motor Cars 1st Series 1985 (mint, estimated at £60) which pictures actual Bentleys (beginning with a 1924 3-litre) giving details of the owner, registration and interesting facts about the vehicle. For instance we learn that the 1930 6½ litre Speed Six was raced at Brooklands and it took 2nd place in the 1930 Le Mans. As always towards this end of this section we have our autograph, promo and sketch cards amongst which is lot 341 an Unstoppable Cards sketch card by Kevin P West of Dr Horatio Beaker No. SKI 2016 which is signed by the artist and in mint condition estimated at £30. Dr Beaker is a character from Gerry Anderson’s Supercar series. Lot 343 is also a sketch card this time a Cards Inc sketch card of Thunderbirds the Movie by Graham Bleathman picturing thunderbird 1 flying vertically to the right and dated 2004 (mint condition, est. £30). Thunderbirds was another popular Gerry Anderson children’s TV show which featured puppet characters carrying out rescues in a variety of different craft. The promo cards are between lots 347 and 349, then there are albums between lots 350 and 352, album leaves between lots 353 and 355, followed by more albums and the auction ends at lot 357 with album interleaves. Happy hunting and good luck with your bids.

Lots Left to Right 

309 , 319 , 343

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