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Lot 20

There are some fantastic items in this auction, but one stood out and deserves to be our star lot. This is lot 20 Allen & Ginter Tob USA 50 Racing Colours of the World c1890 (estimated at £680 as it is in less than perfect condition). These are unusual as they show ladies in the colours of famous racehorse owners from around the globe. This presumably doubled the appeal as not only do you get cards on horse racing but you also get images of a tightly corseted ladies, some of whom know how to use a riding crop – racy in more ways than one! You can find details of some of the other highlights below, but make sure you read through the auction catalogue carefully so you don’t miss out. 
Other lots in the auction offer sets & type cards from as little as £2 a lot and many other card collecting items. Each lot is carefully described with its condition and estimated value.  A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet or click here for information, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner. . If you have any queries about any of the lots don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01458 273452 or 

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Lots 1 to 90

Lot 33

The first lot worth a mention in this section is lot 4 a Holloway part set of EL28/39 Natural History Series Animals Heads c1900 estimated at £40. Next at lot 18 is A & BC Gum’s set L37 World Cup Footballers (England) 1970 which in poor to fair condition is estimated at £45, then lot 19 is F & J Smith 50 Battlefields of Great Britain 1913 which in VG-FCC condition is estimated at £900. It is wonderful to have a complete set of these in such good condition and they take us on an enjoyable romp through important battles of the past. James Bond fans will be interested in lot 21 Anglo Confectionery L55/56 The New James Bond 007 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (minus No. 25) dating from 1970. This is in good to very good condition and estimated at £550. Next to catch our eye was lot 33 Players 50 Decorations & Medals c1940, an unissued set in near mint condition so estimated at £100. Lots 40 to 59 are all type cards, the latter (lot 59) being a Wills type of Our Gallant Grenadiers No. 9 c1901 (est. 28). These are followed by inserts and coupons, then there are more type cards between 64 and 70. Lot 69 is a Hignett type card of Music Hall Artistes ‘Herbert Campbell’ c1900 (est. 50). Herbert was famous in his day, especially for playing dames. Lots 76 and 77 are empty wrappers then there are some modern trade items including lot 81 Panini USA EL54 Disney Dinosaur Photo Cards 2000 estimated at £15. These pictures concern the successful 2000 animated film which follows the adventures of an orphaned iguanodon who is adopted by a family of lemurs. Lots 84 and 85 are sweet cigarette packets, then lots 86 to 90 are empty cigarette packets and tins, then the section ends with two Topps Star Wars sets.

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Lot 91 to 180

Lot 155

First to catch our eye in this section is lot 100 BAT 50 Best Dogs of Their Breed 1916 (est. £100). There are some lovely canines in this set, some of which are not well know today like the Rough Coated Basset Hound illustrated. There is a nice silks set at lot 107, My Weekly M14 Soldiers of the King c1915, estimated at £130 in very good condition, which is followed at lot 108 by Caley set K24 Film Stars c1930 (est. £240) and lot 109 Coles Stores Australia 48 Cricketers 1951-52 (est. £550). These are cut from sheets of 6 and include English players C. Washbrook, L. Hutton and Brian Close as well as Australian cricketers such as Lindsay Hassett. If cricket is not your thing then you may find lot 110 more interesting. This is a Hignett set of 50 Celebrated Old Inns 1925 (est. £145) and it would be interesting to know how many of these are still functioning today. Lots 114 to 127 contain an interesting mix of sets both trade and cigarette, then we have another selection of type cards between lots 132 and 161. These include many Chinese and South American examples, whilst lot 151 is a Hignett type of Beauties Gravure No. 42 Ref H.198 ‘Cavalier’ back c1898 (est. £75) and lot 155 is Players type card of England’s Naval Heroes ‘Sir William Henry White’ wide card, descriptive back 1898 estimated at £34. Lots 162 and 163 are both early postcards, then lots 164 to 167 are all Liebig cards. Lot 169 is also worth a mention as it is a Typhoo Tea set of L24 Famous Football Clubs 2nd Series (without 2nd Series in red above picture) from 1965 neatly cut from the package (est. £60), then a few lots down at lot 173 there is an FKS set M360 Soccer Stars 76/77 stuck into its special album 1976 (est. £40). The section ends with a couple of Card Collectors Society reprint sets.

Lots Left to Right

107 , 110

Lots 181 to 270

Lot 182

We start with a Kensitas part set of silk flowers, but it is the next item, lot 182 Inkworks LT5 Spiderman Movie ‘FLA-VOR-ICE’ 2002 (est. £10), which we want to highlight. These cards picture the web-slinging hero and arch enemy Green Goblin with actual spider facts on the reverse. There is another modern trade set at lot 185 Reynolds Tob USA 35 Snapshots of the Century plus title card 2001 (est. £45), but whilst the cards were issued in 2001 they look back through 5 eras at the changes in things such as transport, architecture, dance & music, fashion, leisure and technology and provide a fascinating look at how things have changed. These are followed by an interesting mix of cigarette and trade sets then at lot 197 is Ogdens Overseas 55/66 Beauties green net design back, black and white 1901 which has been trimmed and is F-VG so estimated at £580 not £935. There are plenty of Beauties cards around, but these are something special. The background detail and natural poses make them seem very real and it is interesting that they show the ladies engaged in normal activities such as smoking, drinking, cycling, swimming and even cuddling a cat. Lot 198 Sinclair 50 British Sea Dogs 1926 (estimated at £300) in contrast contains colour drawings of sailors down the ages including an officer from the Great War and there are plenty of historical facts on the reverse. Lots 217 to 243 are all Brooke Bond items including lot 219 Musgrave Brooke Bond 50 Transport Through the Ages (red backs) 1966 (mint condition, est. £250). This colourful set includes all forms of transport including elphants, dog sleds, chariots and kayak before coming more up-to-date with trains, planes and a space rocket. There are more type cards between lots 244 and 263 including lot 255 a Wills type of Cricketers 1896 ‘K.S. Ranjitsigji, Sussex’ (est. £20 in poor condition), then lot 264 is an Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. Advert card No. 2 of a dog hitting a monkey dressed in military style uniform, ‘Copyright 1883’ list of addresses on back (estimated at £20). This is followed by postcards (lots 265 to 267), album cards, a metal stereo viewer and 2 modern Harry Potter sets.

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Lots 271 to 360

Lot 288

There is a treat for Trekkies amongst in this selection as lot 285 is the Fantasy Trade Card Co USA set of LT60 Star Trek IV The Voyage Home 1987. This features  colour shots taken from the film which was released in 1986 including close ups of Kirk and Spock. Other items of note are lot 288 Churchman 49/50 Sporting Celebrities (minus No.33) 1931 (est. £180) and lot 289 Carreras Overseas 72 Personality Series Film Stars 1933 (est. £90).  The latter set includes stars such as Leslie Howard, Kathrine Hepburn, Gracie Fields, Spencer Tracy, Charlie Chaplin and Boris Karloff. Lot 297, Weetabix L25 Conquest of Space Series B 1959 (est. £65) could be said to be reaching for stars of a different sort covering as it does the exploration of space. If you like fantasy figures then don’t miss lot 309 which is the Topps UK part set of LT134/224 Hero Attax 2012 (est. £13) featuring Marvel super hero characters. This is a trading card game which gives points for defence and attack for comic book heroes and villains. There are American type cards between lots 310 and 316 and the type cards continue between 317 and 343 including lot 335 Canadian Chicle Co Canada type card of War Pictures 1st World War No. 12 c1918 (est. £50). A few lots further down is the start of the empty special album section running from lot 346 to 349, then at lot 354 is another empty album this time for Rossi’s Ices World’s Fastest Aircraft 1966 in top condition at £30. This is followed at lot 355 by a Prescott Pickup empty special album for Sovereign Series No. 4 Royal Family 1982 which includes an extra-large photo of Princess Diana and Prince William 1982 (est. £18) and finishes with type cards between lots 356 and 360.

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297 , 335 , 354

Lots 361 to 411

Lot 376

The first three lots in this section are definitely worth a bid. Lot 361 is Ogdens Guinea Gold 198/270 Actors & Actresses List DX2 Set 75X Base D large size c1901 (est. £300), then 362 is A & BC Gum L45 The Champions (TV Series) 1969 estimated at £180 (The Champions was about British special agents of an organization called Nemesis) and lot 363 is the Gallaher set of 100 Robinson Crusoe 1928 (est. £180) with lovely colour artwork. The section continues with a wide variety of different sets including, at lot 376, Thomson 64 County Cricketers ‘Adventure, Hotspur, Rover & Wizard’ issues 1957 (estimated at £155). Then there is more sport at lot 378 with a Futera Platinum set of LT64 World Football 2003 with an estimate of £25. Ever wanted to impress your friends then lot 389 Carreras Amusing Tricks and How to Do Them 1937 (est. £80) will give you the know how to make coins disappear or eggs fly etc. As always there are a number of autograph and promo cards towards the end. The autograph cards are between lots 401 and 405 amongst which are three Doctor Who cards. Lot 401 is Strictly Ink autograph card from Doctor Who 1st Series A6 Anneke Wills as Polly the Doctor’s companion 2000 (est. £30), Lot 402 is a Strictly Ink autograph card from Doctor Who Big Screen No. A5 Keith Marsh as Conway 2003 (£12) and lot 403 is a Strictly Ink autograph card from Doctor Who 2nd Series No. A7 Louise Jameson as Leela 2001 estimated at £35. Lot 406 is another Strictly Ink card, but this time it is a costume card from The Avengers No. AV-C2 Emma Peel’s Boots as worn by Diana Rigg, a rare limited edition from 2004 (est. £150). The next three lots are promo cards then the auction finishes with two lots containing LCCC type albums. Good luck with your bids.

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363 , 401

The Catalogue, which contains a full description of all 411 lots, can be obtained FREE of charge by writing to The London Cigarette Card Company Limited at the address below or by telephone, fax or e-mail (see request form at the bottom of the page). A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet, which comes with the free auction catalogue, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner.

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