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Lot 18

There are some real gems amongst the 412 lots in this month’s auction and we hope you will find this preview of the highlights helpful, but if you have question about any of the lots please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01458 273452 or via e-mail we normally do we have singled out one lot to highlight in the introduction. This is lot 18 Duke Tob USA set EL25 Illustrated Songs c1890 which has a number written in ink on the top but is otherwise in fair to good condition at £350. This set contains some charming pictures with appropriate song lyrics on the reverse although probably the only song people have heard of these days is Auld Lang Syne. Other lots in the auction offer sets & type cards from as little as £2 a lot and many other card collecting items. Each lot is carefully described with its condition and estimated value.


Lots 1 to 90

Lot 19

This first section is packed full of interesting items including lot 3 Wills 25 Irish Rugby Internationals 1928 (estimated at £240 as one card is creased). Players include former captain L.M. Magee and W.F. Browne with career information on the card backs. Next lot 4 is an ABC Cinema set of 10 Journey by Water Set 9 1954 (estimated at £25 in good to very good condition.  Lot 9 contains Happy Home silks EL9 Flags c1915 (est. £75), then coming more up-to-date lot 13 is a Monowise/Necca USA set LT68 Ozzy Osbourne 2001 including the scarce Nos. 19,31,39 & 50 which in mint condition is estimated at £16. These look at the career of Black Sabbath singer and solo artist Ozzy Osbourne and include album covers. At lot 19 there is another sporting set by Wills this time Wills 50 Sports of All Nations 1900 which in mixed condition is estimated at £290. The sports are as diverse as tiger hunting in India and boomerang throwing in Australia all depicted in colour with a flag in the corner. Lot 28 also takes us round the world but this time we look at regional dress in Sanitarium Australia’s set of EL25 National Costumes of the World 1966 (FCC, est. £25). There is a treat for aircraft lovers at lot 33 the Top Pilot USA set of LT31 Warbird (aircraft) 1990 which in mint condition is estimated at £12. While lot 40 is the Topps UK set LT9 Lord of the Rings The Return of the King UK exclusive issue numbered R1 to R9 2003 (est. £27) featuring characters from the popular film. Lots 42 to 80 are all type cards including lot 45 Players type of England’s Naval Heroes wide card, no descriptions issue, ‘Lord Charles Beresford’ 1897 (est. £30) and lot 51 Tetley type card of World’s Coinage No. 18 ‘Mexico’ “oracle Cigarettes” issue 1914 which in fair condition is estimated at £30. Lot 55 is believed to be an unrecorded card this is La Ferme Tob Germany type of Beauties, black on yellow board, lady wearing hat sitting backwards on chair Ref RB.124/LO32-200 c1900 (est. £25). Further details of this can be found in Discoveries on page 000. Lot 73 is a Bubbles Inc. UK type card of Mars Attacks No. 48 1964 (est. £26.00). This pictures earth fighting back against the all-powerful aliens from Mars. At lot 81 there is a Hillman Xmas Greetings postcard picturing Town Arch, Chepstow c1910, then the next three lots are all waxed sales wrappers and lots 87 to 90 are all Liebig sets.

Lots left to right

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Lot 91 to 180

Lot 110

Moving on to the next selection the first item to catch our eye is lot 110 Union Jack set M8 Police of All Nations 1922 (in F-VG condition estimated at £35). These includes Canadian Mounted Police, Spanish Civil Guard and a Beefeater. Next lot 116 is a part set of 48/50 F & J Smith A Tour Round the World script advertising back 1904 (est. £500). These have long been favourites with collectors as the pictures are charmingly drawn and the advertising text on the backs is both witty and informative. There are more type cards between lots 132 and 163 which include lot 137 a Barratt type card of Football Team Folders English League Division 1 Newcastle United 1932 (4th picture A. Betton) 1932 (in VG condition estimated at £30) and lot 150 Mayo Tob USA type card of Actresses ‘Blanche Walsh’ Ref RB.23/M80-1 c1890 which with slight glue marks on the back is estimated at £30. Lots 164 to 167 are postcards, lot 168 is a Whitbread leaflet then lot 169 is Pro Set USA LT250 Desert Storm 1991 (est. £20). This mammoth set relates to the Gulf War and covers the countries of the United Nations, personnel, ships, planes, information on the Middle East etc. with the last card featuring the dove of peace. Lot 175 is a Cards Inc. empty special album for Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban with 4-pocket pages 2004 (est. £12). This section finishes with a mixture of old card magazines and Card Collectors Society reprints.

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Lots 181 to 270

Lot 246

Among the highlights in this section is lot 185 Shipton 75 Trojan Gen Cards 1959 (VG, est. £75). This fascinating set covers a wide selection of subjects from vehicles to living creatures and the backs offer useful information. A few lots down is another set worth a mention Rittenhouse LT9 Hercules the Legendary Journeys Heavenly Bodies numbered H1 to H9 2000 (lot 189, estimated at £9). These contain shots from the popular TV series showing Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) and fellow stars in action. There is a fascinating set for any car enthusiast at lot 200, this is Morris 25 Motor Series 1922 (est. £115) which features labelled diagrams of car parts with information on how they work on the reverse of the card. As always there is a selection of Brooke Bond cards in this auction which can be found between lots 215 and 240. Among them are lot 215 a Brooke Bond USA set of 48 Butterflies of North America 1965 (est. £220) with lovely colourful examples such as the Zebra Swallowtail, lot 216 a Brooke Bond Canada set of 48 Tropical Birds the scarce top line in red issue from 1964, with includes some exotic bird specimens and lot 219 another Brooke Bond Canada set this time featuring 48 Canadian/American Songbirds from 1966 (est. £125). These include the Mountain ‘Bluebird’ who despite the song will never be seen over the ‘White Cliffs of Dover’. Among the type cards between lots 243 and 266 are some American cards including lot 246 Allen & Ginter Tob USA type card of World’s Sovereigns ‘Queen of Greece’ c1890 (estimated at £28 in good condition). The colours are amazingly good considering the age of the card. There is another royal lady at lot 256, namely ‘Caroline of Brunswick’ who appears in Wills overseas type of Miniatures Oval Medallions 1914 (est. 60). Caroline married George IV, but this was a famously unhappy union. This section ends with a Raphael Tuck Oilette Postcard (lot 267), W F Sedgwick Snow Bunting type card (268) and two trade sets.

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Lots 271 to 360

Lot 281

If you like cricket you will be drawn to lot 281Hignett 50 Prominent Cricketers of 1938 (est. £175) which features the likes of Don Bradman and Len Hutton in action. Lot 288 Pritchard & Burton part set of 10/15 Beauties PAC c1900 (est. £220) by contrast pictures ladies in static poses. Two of these cards are cracked and the rest only fair, but it is a chance to acquire some of these cards without breaking the bank. The cards at lot 289, a Taddy set of 25 Famous Jockeys without frameline, blue title c1905 estimated at £700 are considerably more expensive but this is due to the condition which is very good to good. Among the jockeys featured are F. Hardy and W.A. Higgs. There are more cricketers at lot 293 in Boys Magazine M11 Zat Cards Cricketers 1932, which in top condition is estimated at £125, and lot 302 Master Vending set L16 Cricketer Series New Zealand 1958 in top condition estimated at £24. As the title suggests these are all Kiwi players  such a all-rounder Eric Petrie and batsman Bert Sutcliffe.  then lots 310 to 334 are all type cards. These include a number of Chinese types such as lot 317 Anonymous Tob China type card of Chinese Views Ref RB.23/ZE9-6-2 c1920 (est. £10) which may be unrecorded. Lot 320 may also be unrecorded this is Haw Ching Tob type card of Chinese Series (60 x 37mm) lady sitting playing musical instrument, black Chinese caption c1930 (est. £7) . Lot 325 is a Clarke type card of Cricketers No. 3 1901 (est. £200) and the player in question is ‘W.G. Quaire. Lots 340 to 347 are all varieties then there are Players and Wills empty special albums between lots 348 and 351 and the section ends with Cardz/Bon Air USA military sets.

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Lots 361 to 412

Lot 388

There are more cricketers in the first lot in this selection, lot 361 Millhoff M27 Famous Test Cricketers 1928 (est. £170), which include bowler H. Larwood and wicket-keeper L. Ames. Lot 362 contains the excellent F & J Smith 25 Holiday Resorts 1925 (est. £195) with lovely 1920s artwork. Amongst the interesting array of sets that follow is lot 383 Wills L38 Familiar Phrases 1986 in mint condition estimated at £60, lot 386 Players overseas 25 Bonzo Dogs by G.E. Studdy 1923 (est. £100) with its charming dog cartoons and lot 388 Weetabix L18 Star Trek 1979. These Star Trek cars are in little folders and include both crew members and aliens. As always towards the end of the auction are autograph and promo cards and these can be found between lots 398 and 405. Amongst them are lot 398 a Strictly Ink autograph card of Doctor Who 1st Series No. A3 Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor 2000 (in mint estimated at £50), lot 399 another Strictly Ink autograph card Doctor Who but this time from the 2nd Series No. AU5 Jackie Lane as Dodo Chaplet 2001 (est. £25) and lot 403 is a Topps Promo card for Star Wars Galaxy Series 4 No. P2 2009 (est. £2). The last few lots include unopened packs of football cards, empty presentation boxes and a Post Office set of Stamps Postcards. There should be something of interest for everyone and we wish you luck with your bidding.

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The Catalogue, which contains a full description of all 412 lots, can be obtained FREE of charge by writing to The London Cigarette Card Company Limited at the address below or by telephone, fax or e-mail (see request form at the bottom of the page). A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet, which comes with the free auction catalogue, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner.

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