Monthly Auctions

Condition of Sale

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The highest bidder will be the purchaser. The auctioneer will bid on behalf of postal bidders. Lots will be sold at one stage above the second highest bid e.g. bids of £20 and £30 - the lot will be sold for £21. In the event of a tie the lot will go to the first bid received at one stage higher than the tying bid.
NOTE: There are NO additional charges to bidders for buyer's premium.

Minimum Reserve Price:
Of 50% on all lots estimated at £10 or above. No postal bids under £1.00 can be accepted.

Bidding Stages:
£1 to £30 - £1 stages
£30 to £50 - £2 stages
£50 to £150 - £5 stages
£150 to £300 - £10 stages
£300 to £1000 - £20 stages
£1000 onwards - £50 stages

Every effort is made to describe each lot fairly and accurately. Any discrepancy which may arise will be rectified by replacement or refund, provided the lot is returned within 7 days in the same condition as sent out.
Please remember this is an auction and lots can not be returned for any other reason.