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We supply collectors all over the world and have one of the largest stocks of cigarette and trade cards - approximately 50 million! Publishers of the first catalogue in 1929 and card collecting magazine 'Card Collectors News' which has been produced continually since 1933.

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Our Favourites 1935
Phillips Dogs and Pets Our Favourites 1935 Our Favourites 1935 M48 -
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Our Favourites 1935

Issuer: Phillips Condition: Very Good to Excellent * These are original and NOT reprints Number of cards in set: M48 Abbreviations used for Number In Set:
EL = Extra Large; LT = Large Trade ( size 89 x 64mm); L = Large; M = Medium; K = Miniature.

Price for complete set: Catalogue Price £12.50 Special Offer £8.38

December Special Offers:

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Woods Miscellaneous Cigarette Cards Romance of the Royal Mail 1933 Romance of the Royal Mail 1933 25 -
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Romance of the Royal Mail 1933

Romance of the Royal Mail 1933

Woods - 25 in set

Catalogue Price £30.00 Special Offer £20.00

Beano Military & Armed Forces Ships of the Royal Navy 1955 Ships of the Royal Navy 1955 50 - In 1955, World War II was still fresh in many people's memory, the Korean War not longover, and the Cold War was at its height. In that context, the Royal Navy maintained one of the biggest fleets in the world - and not only warships, as is revealed in Ships of The Royal Navy, issued with Beano bubble gum. The black & white photographs, by courtesy of the Admiralty, demonstrate the diversity of the vessels sailing under the White Ensign, from aircraft carriers such as H.M.S. Eagle and Illustrious tosubmarines and fast patrol boats, even one or two from the Royal Australian and Royal Canadian Navies, plus Royal Fleet Auxiliaries - Blue Ensign supply ships and tankers - all with highly informative texts. Our illustration includes H.M.S. Belfast, the Navy's largest cruiser (now a museum moored on the Thames near Tower Bridge) and the Royal Yacht Britannia, Size 68 x 37mm
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Ships of the Royal Navy 1955

Ships of the Royal Navy 1955

Beano - 50 in set

Catalogue Price £20.00 Special Offer £15.00

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Last date for bids 2nd January 2018 - Bids can be submitted by post, phone, fax, e-mail or through this website

Lot 20

There are some real Christmas treats amongst the 415 lots in this auction including lot 20 our star lot this month. This is an Allen & Ginter Tobacco USA set of 50 Prize and Game Chickens issued c1890 and without any back damage. There are some fine specimens pictured including some that are rare breeds now like the Derbyshire Red Cap. The set has 1 card fair and a few good otherwise very good so is estimated at a modest £1,250 instead of £1,400. Chickens may not be to everyone’s taste (sorry bad joke!), but there are plenty of other subjects covered in the auction so make sure you read through the catalogue carefully. If you have any queries about any of the lots don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01458 273452 or cards@londoncigcard.co.uk

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December New Issues:

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De Coubertin Books Football Red Men (Liverpool F C) Limited Edition 2017 Red Men (Liverpool F C) Limited Edition 2017 5 - The cards come in their own cardboard sleeve, the back of which advertises their book The Redmen of Liverpool Football Club: The Tobacco Years (see the books page). The cards contain caricatures of Liverpool players, The cards have white borders and the players are shown against a light brown background with green grass layer at the bottom and again the backs resemble old cigarette cards. Contained in the set are the players, Ian Rush who scored twice in the 1986 F.A. Cup Final against local rivals Everton, Luis Suarez who was not at the club long, but will be remembered as one of their greatest goalscorers, Ian Callaghan who played between 1959 and 1978, Kenny Dalglish who was nicknamed ‘King Kenny’ by the fans and Captain Fantastic Steven Gerrard who went on to become part of the coaching staff. Size 67 x 36mm.
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Red Men (Liverpool F C) Limited Edition 2017

Red Men (Liverpool F C) Limited Edition 2017

De Coubertin Books - 5 in set


Crown Sports Card (USA) Military & Armed Forces Skyforce Series 1 (Aircraft) 1991 Skyforce Series 1 (Aircraft) 1991 LT9 - These are colour drawings of American fighter planes in action with the last card containing a check list. The aircraft featured are the A-10 Thunderbolt II of 1975, the F-117A Stealth Fighter who’s details are listed as classified, the F-14 Tomcat which entered service in 1972, a F/A-18 Hornet from 1983, the F-15 Eagle with a range of 3,750 miles, a A-6 Intruder from 1963, the 1966 A-7 Corsair and A-4 Skyhawk from 1956. The backs give details such as wingspan, weight, engine thrust, top speed etc. plus a hand-written limited edition set number. Size 89 x 64mm.
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Skyforce Series 1 (Aircraft) 1991

Skyforce Series 1 (Aircraft) 1991

Crown Sports Card (USA) - LT9 in set


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