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26th September 2016 - established 1927

We supply collectors all over the world and have one of the largest stocks of cigarette and trade cards - approximately 50 million! Publishers of the first catalogue in 1929 and card collecting magazine 'Card Collectors News' which has been produced continually since 1933.

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Andy Pandy 1960
Primrose TV, Films & Sci-Fi Andy Pandy 1960 Andy Pandy 1960 50 -
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Andy Pandy 1960

Issuer: Primrose Condition: Mint * These are original and NOT reprints Number of cards in set: 50

Price for complete set: Catalogue Price £20.00 Special Offer £13.00

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Ringtons Tea Military & Armed Forces Ships of the Royal Navy 1963 Ships of the Royal Navy 1963 25 -
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Ships of the Royal Navy 1963

Ships of the Royal Navy 1963

Ringtons Tea - 25 in set

Catalogue Price £10.00 Special Offer £6.50

Quaker Oats Military - General Series Armour Through the Ages 1963 Armour Through the Ages 1963 EL12 -
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Armour Through the Ages 1963

Armour Through the Ages 1963

Quaker Oats - EL12 in set

Catalogue Price £15.00 Special Offer £10.00

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Last date for bids 29th October 2016 - Bids can be submitted by post, phone, fax, e-mail or through this website

Lot 20

Currently this month we are offering you 424 lots ranging from sub-standard to mint condition. A huge selection of type cards including early American types by Kinney, Allen & Ginter, Duke and American Tobacco Company. Many other pre1918 type cards feature within this auction such as Taddy and my favourite tobacco issuer F & J Smith. There are two lots I wanted to push to the forefront of the auction and they are lot 19, a part set from Taddy 24 out of 25 minus No.5 issued around 1905 and is called Admirals and Generals The War South African Issue. This set has been checked and only 2 cards have been described as good whilst the rest are in very good condition therefore being estimated at close to catalogue price £830. Secondly is the very nice lot (lot 20) and this is sporting set called Cricketers Series from 1926 again a part set of 57 out of 75 from Pattreiouex, once again almost all in very good condition only a few being substandard, this has been valued at £550. We also have one unrecorded lot this month Lot 261 please see discoveries for more details.For further information about any lot in our auction, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone 01458 273452 or via e-mail cards@londoncigcard.co.uk  

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September New Issues:

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J.F.Sporting Collectibles Football Popular Footballers 1950s 4th Series 1999 Popular Footballers 1950s 4th Series 1999 LT36 - This is the 4th installment of this series and they are colour head and shoulders pictures. Among these 1950s players are Blackburn’s Bryan Douglas who also won 36 caps for England, Jimmy Gauld of Charlton Athletic who was subsequently banned due to a bribery scandal, Leicester City’s Derek Hines who later became their youth team coach, Liverpool’s Geoff Twentyman, Luton’s Sid Owen, Manchester United star Dennis Viollet, Wilf Mannion of Middlesbrough, Ian McColl of Rangers who became Scotland manager in 1965, Sheffield United’s Graham Shaw who also played cricket for Yorkshire Boys, Sheffield Wednesday and England goalie Ron Springett and Don How of West Brom who enjoyed later success as a coach and manager. The numbered backs give information on the players. Pure football nostalgia. Size 91 x 64mm.
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Popular Footballers 1950s 4th Series 1999

Popular Footballers 1950s 4th Series 1999

J.F.Sporting Collectibles - LT36 in set


J.F.Sporting Collectibles TV, Films & Sci-Fi Favourite Films of the 50s 1st Series 2016 Favourite Films of the 50s 1st Series 2016 LT24 - This is a very nice black and white set of pictures taken from popular films of the 1950s period and there are some real classics featured including The Greatest Show on Earth which won two Academy Awards, A Streetcar Named Desire, The Belles of St Trinian’s in which Alastair Sim starred in a dual role as the headmistress and her brother, A Star is Born with Judy Garland, the wonderful musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, British sci-fi horror The Quatermass Xperiment, Oklahoma which was the first musical written by Rodgers and Hammerstein, The King and I starring Yul Brynner which was a huge hit, Gigi a musical featuring the songs of Lerner and Loewe and classic horror The Curse of Frankenstein. Descriptive text on back. Size 91 x 64
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Favourite Films of the 50s 1st Series 2016

Favourite Films of the 50s 1st Series 2016

J.F.Sporting Collectibles - LT24 in set


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September Updates:

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