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25th October 2014 - established 1927

We supply collectors all over the world and have one of the largest stocks of cigarette and trade cards - approximately 50 million! Publishers of the first card collecting magazine 'Card Collectors News' which has been produced continually since 1933.

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Angling Information 1939
Walters Tobacco Fish, Fishing & the Ocean Angling Information 1939 Angling Information 1939 L6 -
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Angling Information 1939

Issuer: Walters Tobacco Condition: Very Good to Excellent * These are original and NOT reprints Number of cards in set: L6 Abbreviations used for Number In Set:
EL = Extra Large; LT = Large Trade ( size 89 x 64mm); L = Large; M = Medium; K = Miniature.

Price for complete set: Catalogue Price £9.00 Special Offer £5.85

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Lyons Aviation, Space & Astronomy Wings of Speed (descriptive back) 1960 Wings of Speed (descriptive back) 1960 24 -
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Wings of Speed (descriptive back) 1960

Wings of Speed (descriptive back) 1960

Lyons - 24 in set

Catalogue Price £5.00 Special Offer £3.00

Adolph Football Famous Footballers 2nd Series 1954 Famous Footballers 2nd Series 1954 24 -
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Famous Footballers 2nd Series 1954

Famous Footballers 2nd Series 1954

Adolph - 24 in set

Catalogue Price £25.00 Special Offer £17.00

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Lot 381

The clocks will be going back the weekend after our auction, the beginning of the ‘long nights’ the effect of which will be more acutely felt north of the border so its time perhaps for our Scottish friends to review their collections and, in the light of last month’s referendum, to reflect upon their nation’s history. To do so a good starting point is Mitchell’s 1929 set of 50 Scotland’s Story (lot 26) charting the many episodes, often violent, which formed the foundation of their country and ending in the mid-19th century with David Livingstone’s explorations of Africa. We can now add a new chapter! Also of special interest to Scots are two other sets by Stephen Mitchell & Son namely 50 Clan Tartans 1st Series (lot 381) and 50 Scottish Footballers (lot 389)

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Lychgate Press Flags, Arms & Maps Flags of Micronations 2014 Flags of Micronations 2014 10 - Subtitled ‘a selection of the flags of unrecognised nation states’, some you may not have ever heard of, as you will discover by reading the card backs. Take no. 1 as an example. It is “The Principality of Sealand” which turns out to be a former WWII sea fort, latterly a pirate radio station, in the North Sea beyond UK jurisdiction over which a certain Mr Roy Bates declared it a ‘nation state’ and wrote its constitution. Some of the other micronations are even more quirky! Flags on fronts with descriptions on backs.Size 68 x 36mm.
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Flags of Micronations 2014

Flags of Micronations 2014

Lychgate Press - 10 in set


Cornerstone (USA) TV, Films & Sci-Fi The Avengers in Colour Series 2 1993 The Avengers in Colour Series 2 1993 LT99 - “The biggest deal ever for a British TV series was in 1966 when ABC paid $4.5 million for the rights to broadcast The Avengers in the USA” That’s just one of the facts emerging from the backs of these cards. This set is an absolute must for all fans of the tongue-in-cheek television thriller which ran for 161 episodes over eight years as John Steed (Patrick MacNee) and his partner (played by Honor Blackman, latter Diana Rigg) fought to keep the world safe for bowlers and champagne. Excellent colour photos of scenes and characters. Size 89 x 64mm
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The Avengers in Colour Series 2 1993

The Avengers in Colour Series 2 1993

Cornerstone (USA) - LT99 in set


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