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22nd October 2016 - established 1927

We supply collectors all over the world and have one of the largest stocks of cigarette and trade cards - approximately 50 million! Publishers of the first catalogue in 1929 and card collecting magazine 'Card Collectors News' which has been produced continually since 1933.

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Butterflies and Moths 1938
Wills Birds, Butterflies & Moths Butterflies and Moths 1938 Butterflies and Moths 1938 L40 -
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Butterflies and Moths 1938

Issuer: Wills Condition: Very Good to Excellent * These are original and NOT reprints Number of cards in set: L40 Abbreviations used for Number In Set:
EL = Extra Large; LT = Large Trade ( size 89 x 64mm); L = Large; M = Medium; K = Miniature.

Price for complete set: Catalogue Price £36.00 Special Offer £24.12

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Gallaher Miscellaneous Cigarette Cards Tricks and Puzzles black back 1933 Tricks and Puzzles black back 1933 100 -
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Tricks and Puzzles black back 1933

Tricks and Puzzles black back 1933

Gallaher - 100 in set

Catalogue Price £100.00 Special Offer £70.00

Rittenhouse (USA) Star Trek Star Trek The Original Series Quotable 2004 Star Trek The Original Series Quotable 2004 LT110 - “Captain’s Log ..Stardate 1312.4...The impossible has happened.” These were the first words uttered by a youthful Captain Kirk in Star Trek more than thirty years ago, and reproduced on the first card of this new series in which the leading characters are pictured in superbly clear photographs, together with quotes from the dialogue using both sides of the cards to maximise the content. No doubt Trekkies will recall Spock’s debut “Check the circuit”, Scotty’s “Aye” and a host of other lines ending with Kirk’s “Her life could have been as rich as anyone’s, if only…if only” with which the original Star Trek was brought to a close. Size 89 x 64mm.
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Star Trek The Original Series Quotable 2004

Star Trek The Original Series Quotable 2004

Rittenhouse (USA) - LT110 in set

Catalogue Price £12.00 Special Offer £8.00

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Last date for bids 29th October 2016 - Bids can be submitted by post, phone, fax, e-mail or through this website

Lot 20

Currently this month we are offering you 424 lots ranging from sub-standard to mint condition. A huge selection of type cards including early American types by Kinney, Allen & Ginter, Duke and American Tobacco Company. Many other pre1918 type cards feature within this auction such as Taddy and my favourite tobacco issuer F & J Smith. There are two lots I wanted to push to the forefront of the auction and they are lot 19, a part set from Taddy 24 out of 25 minus No.5 issued around 1905 and is called Admirals and Generals The War South African Issue. This set has been checked and only 2 cards have been described as good whilst the rest are in very good condition therefore being estimated at close to catalogue price £830. Secondly is the very nice lot (lot 20) and this is sporting set called Cricketers Series from 1926 again a part set of 57 out of 75 from Pattreiouex, once again almost all in very good condition only a few being substandard, this has been valued at £550. We also have one unrecorded lot this month Lot 261 please see discoveries for more details.For further information about any lot in our auction, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone 01458 273452 or via e-mail cards@londoncigcard.co.uk  

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October New Issues:

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Moments In History (New Zealand) Miscellaneous Trade Cards The Canterbury Earthquakes 2016 The Canterbury Earthquakes 2016 LT18 - This is an unusual set of which only 125 were issued. The cards cover the massive earthquakes which hit the Canterbury region of South Island, New Zealand in September 2010 and February 2011. 185 people sadly died as a result and there was wholesale destruction particularly in the region’s largest city Christchurch. Cards 2 and 3 are particularly poignant as they show a before and after picture of Christchurch Cathedral. The iconic structure had a 63 metre spire which was destroyed. In fact the damage proved so severe that the latter card tells us there are plans to demolish it all and replace it. Also shown is the damage to the Basillica, office buildings and the mangled remains of a bus from which only one passenger survived. As well as the damage, including that caused by flooding and rockfalls there are examples of the attempts to decorate and rebuild. There are plenty of fascinating and sad details on the numbered backs. Size 88 x 64mm.
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The Canterbury Earthquakes 2016

The Canterbury Earthquakes 2016

Moments In History (New Zealand) - LT18 in set


J.F.Sporting Collectibles Football Popular Footballers 1950s 5th Series 1999 Popular Footballers 1950s 5th Series 1999 LT36 - As with the previous series of Popular Footballers from the 1950s, the latest series are colour head and shoulders pictures of players whose careers spanned the 1950s. Among this batch are Blackburn Rover’s Matt Woods who at one time captained the Australian national team, Jimmy Adamson of Burnley who was Footballer of the Year in 1962, the legendary Jimmy Greaves who joined Chelsea in 1957 and went on to have a career as a TV pundit, Falkirk’s Alex Parker who was capped fifteen times for Scotland, the Hammers’ Malcolm Musgrove, Shay Brennan Manchester United’s inside-forward and Roger Hunt Liverpool’s opportunistic striker who was a member of the winning England World Cup side in 1966. A lovely set with career information on the numbered backs and size 91 x 65mm.
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Popular Footballers 1950s 5th Series 1999

Popular Footballers 1950s 5th Series 1999

J.F.Sporting Collectibles - LT36 in set


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