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With the vast stocks of cards that we have it is impossible to list everything on this web site. Our annual catalogues which cover over 13500 different series will give you a price for sets and odd cards in top quality condition. (Please see our catalogue page for details).

The lists below are selections of sets in very good to mint condition they can also be e-mailed to you by clicking the request button and filling in the form below.

If you wish to view a list of issuers and their sets click here

Title Last Updated View List Request?
Selection of Cigarette Card sets for £20 and under 1st August 2014 View ---
Selection of Trade Card sets for under £5 1st August 2014 View ---
American Football, Baseball, Basketball & Ice Hockey 1st June 2014 View
Animals & Wildlife 9th July 2014 View
Aviation, Space Travel & Astronomy 1st August 2014 View
Birds, Butterflies & Moths 15th August 2014 View
Boxing 29th July 2014 View
Brooke Bond Tea Card Issues 1st August 2014 View
Cricket 13th August 2014 View
Dinosaurs 1st June 2014 View
Dogs and Pets 1st August 2014 View
Fantasy Art 1st August 2014 View
Film & Stage Stars 1920 –1940 1st August 2014 View
Fish, Fishing & the Ocean 24th May 2014 View
Flags, Arms & Maps 1st June 2014 View
Flowers and the Garden 1st August 2014 View
Football 21st August 2014 View
Golf 15th April 2014 View
Horses and the Turf 29th April 2014 View
Liebig Card Issues 1st August 2014 View ---
Military (Also See Ships, Shipping and Naval) 9th July 2014 View
Miscellaneous Cigarette Card sets 29th July 2014 View ---
Miscellaneous Trade Card sets 13th August 2014 View ---
Motoring 13th August 2014 View
Native North American Indians and Cowboys 11th May 2014 View
Pop Stars & Singers 13th August 2014 View
Railways 1st August 2014 View
Reprinted Series 15th April 2014 View
Royalty 4th May 2014 View
Rugby Union & League 16th June 2014 View
Ships, Shipping and Naval (Also see Military) 1st July 2014 View
Speedway 1st June 2014 View
Sports (General) 15th July 2014 View
Stamps, Coins & Banknotes on Cards 5th June 2014 View
Star Trek 1st May 2014 View
Star Wars 1st June 2014 View
Tennis 1st June 2014 View
TV, Films & Sci-Fi (see also Star Trek, Star Wars, Film & Stage Stars 21st August 2014 View
Wrestling 6th June 2014 View
Other Lists    
Card Collectors News Magazine Back Copies 1st August 2014 View ---
Catalogues Back Copies 1st January 2014 View ---
Greetings Cards 1st March 2014 View ---

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