2016 Catalogue

The catalogue covers over 16,000 different series, a must for new or established collectors. This is an essential tool for every collector or for those wanting an idea of the value of their collection. Our Catalogues have been used by generations of collectors around the world, for over 85 years, as their price guide to the hobby.

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Available from 26th October

First published 1929

We have made many improvements to the 2017 catalogue as follows:-

Section 1 British Tobacco Issuers – We have updated the prices on many series to reflect the market trend for 2017, also expanded on several series and given more dates to help record your collection more accurately.

Section 2 Foreign Tobacco Issuers  – As section 1 we have updated the prices to reflect the hobbies trends and availability of those cards alongside inputting further reference numbers against more series

Section 3 Reprinted Series  –  This reprint section previously has had spaces next to particular series, but now we have filled them with the correct prices to have a more complete and comprehensive section than ever before.

Section 4 Trade Card issues  – This has been completely updated with new issues, over 160 sets added to stock from the past twelve months. Once again all prices have been assessed and revised where applicable.

Section 5 Liebig Card Issues from Series 301 to 1871  – The Liebig series have also been up-dated where appropriate to reflect the prices from over the last 12 months

PLEASE NOTE The prices in the 2017 catalogue come into effect on 1st January 2017. All orders for cards, books, albums etc, received up to and including 31st December 2016 will be charged at 2016 catalogue prices.

Available now

Cigarette & Trade Card Catalogue 2016

Including Liebig & Reprint Series - Covering over 16,200 Series

This is the most comprehensive catalogue of cigarette and trade cards ever published into one volume covering over 16,200 series. It is in five sections and gives up-to-date values for cards, silks and special albums in top condition.

Section 1 British Tobacco Issuers – Contains details of over 5,540 series of cigarette cards, silks and albums issued at home and abroad from the 19th century to the present day. Contains cards issued by John Players & Sons, W D & H O Wills, Gallaher, Ogdens as well as the lesser known issuers.

Section 2 Foreign Tobacco Issuers – Contains details of over 1,650 series by issuers mainly from English speaking countries like U S A, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, but also covers cards from Malta, South Africa, Far East etc. We have introduced new issuers including a section on Turmac Silks which are now individually priced.

Section 3 Reprinted Series – Contains details of over 350 sets officially reprinted series of cigarette cards, but also includes some trade card reprints,.

Section 4 Trade Card issues
– Contains details of over 7,140 series of trade cards, silks and albums. This section has been completely updated with the new issues - over 100 sets in the past twelve months, plus additional older series. It covers a magnificent selection of well over 7,000 series by non-tobacco firms, such as Brooke Bond Tea, Bassett, A & BC Gum, Topps, as well as the newer companies like Rittenhouse, Golden Era, Rockwell, Hunter etc. Cards from the early 1900s by Fry’s chocolate and Cadbury right up to the latest series of Film Stars, Star Wars, TV & Films, Cricket, Footballers, Military, Motoring etc.

Section 5 Liebig Card Issues from Series 301 to 1871 – Lists over 1,570 superbly printed series issued in Europe between 1891 and 1975, (all except the earliest) by this company.

The catalogue also contains a brand new section of 148 full colour illustrations.

448 pages - The essential reference tool and a must for every collector

Price: £12.50

Back copies of cigarette and trade card catalogues still available

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