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Last date for bids 29th July 2017 - Bids can be submitted by post, phone, fax, e-mail or through this website - includes one of the Rarest Cricket Cards in the UK

Lot 43

Once again, our auctions are packed with wonderful complete and part sets, individual type cards, autograph and promo cards. Overseas issues such as Chinese and early American cards also feature and are always well received by our bidders. As you can see from the above images we have the privilege of offering one lucky bidder the opportunity to win one of the rarest cards issued in the UK. It is also one of the most expensive individual cigarette cards out there today. As stated above this is the Macdonald County Cricket Team – Yorkshire issued in 1900 it has been estimated at a cool £2,000 and is lot 43 but this is a potentially once in a life time opportunity to own such a card so bid generously. For further information about any lot, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone 01458 273452 or via 

Other lots in the auction offer sets & type cards from as little as £2 a lot and many other card collecting items. Each lot is carefully described with its condition and estimated value, and remember


Lots 1 to 90

Lot 18

This section initially starts with a variety of trade, cigarette and gum cards at which point we come to lot 18, a F & J Smith complete set of 50 Cricketers 1st Series from 1912, with a catalogue value of £900, however, these are from a proof sheet which has been cut to standard size cards thus being estimated at £200. Next is a military set of 25 cards from Wills Overseas, lot 22 Victoria Cross Heroes (Scissor issue). Three cards are substandard and the remainder all in very good condition, normally £95 if all were in top condition, but in its current condition it has been valued at £85. Another overseas lot, this time a trade set from New Zealand, issued by Sanitarium and called Early Transport in New Zealand 1968 (lot 25). This set is classed as an extra-large size card and features a whole manor of vehicles not just cars but aeroplanes and trams and even push bikes, examples include a 1914 Triumph motor cycle and side car, horse drawn tram & the first New Zealand plane, all cards in colour with descriptions on the backs and well worth a bid. Type cards include lot 46, which is by Anstie and is a silk, this is classed as a set as only one silk was issued in this series, a portrait of Queen Mary, and it is estimated at £50. The other type card to mention is from W Clarke, the Cricketer Series, it is number 14 C.B. Fry, and is in very good condition and valued at £180 (lot 49). Another pre-1918 type card I want to mention is lot 60 British Soldiers from the issuer Duncan. The card is the Officer Royal Highlanders Black Watch, again in very good condition estimated at £55. The section finishes with four Liebigs ranging from F1085 Costumes from Servia to F1102 Gold Mines of Mont-Rose  with each lot estimated between £20 and £125. The last lot is from Trade Cards Europe and is one for the Arsenal Fans at £27.

Lots Left to Right 22 ,  25 , 46 

Lots 91 to 180

Lot 93

The first couple of lots are a mix bag but a great Bassett set features namely, Athletes of the World, lot 93. This set contains 50 different athletes from athletic track and field events. Each athlete is pictured whilst competing in their chosen event bar one card which is No.47 Wolfgang Schmidt which is just a profile head and shoulder picture for reasons I am not aware of. The reverse of the card has the name of the athlete and then the world, olympic & UK records. It also has the personal record (at the time) of the athlete and any championships they may have won previously. A great standard size set issued in 1980 estimated at £20. Next sees lots 110 & 111, both tobacco manufactures, Continental Cigarette Factory & Godfrey Phillips respectively. Lot 110 is a set of 25 cards from Charming Portraits all but one are blue backs with the firms’ name on whilst the one is just plain on the back. Issued around 1925 with 2 or 3 cards slightly sub-standard so it has been valued at £115. The second is Statues and Monuments (lot 111)  issued in 1907 and one of those cleverly designed die-cut sets. The statue or monument has carefully been cut, as issued, so that the collector can stand up the statue. Some of the statues/monuments featured are the Wellington statue in London and the Drake statue in Plymouth to name just two. This has been estimated at £220. Type cards start from 131 finishing with lot 168 they include early Chinese cards (135 to 141) such as Hwa Ching Chinese Proverbs, also lot 159 Whitbread The Startled Saint without ‘printed in Great Britain’ & lot 167 Liebig the RARE F87/S76 Cooks Dressed in Liebig Pots (English text) estimated at £60. The section then finishes with J Wixs silks and card magazines.  

Lots Left to Right 111 , 159

Lots 181 to 270

Lot 208

The very first lot, 181, is Select Australia Official A.C.B. Premium Cricket Series 1, which is in mint condition and has been estimated at £25. Moving to lots 198 & 199 both Churchman part sets and both from the series Can you beat Bogey at St Andrews, the difference being that lot 198 is the series with red overprint and has 48 out of the 55 cards and lot 199 has 54 out of the 55 without the red overprint (this is minus the joker card). The very next lot, 200, is from the company Mazawatte Tea it’s a large size set of 39 cards issued as Kings and Queens around 1905 it starts with William the 1st and ends with Edward VII and the backs all advertise the company and what they sell. Another Sanitarium lot, this time from Australia, is a complete set of 20 cards titled Survive at £12 (lot 208). Brooke Bond features just a couple lots further down, lots 214 to 239. Two within the Brooke Bond group I would like to highlight are lot 216, a mint set of Out into Space ‘issued in packets’ estimated at £60 & lot 222 an empty album for Wild Flowers 1st Series (cover without price) valued at £80. Other type cards follow from lots 240 to 262 which include early American issuers such as Kinney & Duke Tobacco & two signed County Print cards of Cricketers. Postcards and other trade & cigarette lots finish the section.

Lots Left to Right 198 , 222

Lots 271 to 358

Lot 309

Initially lot 271 sees two Star Wars sets Empire Strikes Back and Trilogy in mint condition at £31. Shortly after is lot 276, Fleer USA a complete set called Mad Magazine Stickers which are unnumbered and estimated at £15. Also, the section includes Futera & Reddings Tea sets ranging from £27 to £55 such as lot 283, Futera Derby County FC. This is the SCARCE foil fronts issue from 2000 and is in mint condition and valued at £27. Then lot 293 is Redding Tea Heraldry of Famous Places issued 1966 and estimated at £55. Two other trade sets feature at lots 308 & 309. Lot 308 is Breygent John Wayne The Duke estimated at £10, comprising of various scenes from his films plus photos of the sets he worked on with the cameramen etc. Each card has his signature printed on the front. A very nice set well worth a bid. Then lot 309 by Allen Australia, is another royalty set, this one called Kings and Queens of England 1937-53 estimated at £55 due to cards being in sub-standard condition. Type cards start from lot 314 to 346 including lot 330 Godfrey Phillips Beauties PLUM, card number 44 issued 1897, valued at £60. 7 varieties follow between 347 and 353. They range in value between £8 and £25. Lot 358 finishes the section with Carreras turf slides 48/50 British Aircraft, these are the larger 20s packets and are uncut, estimated at £70 in good to very good condition with just a few in fair condition.

Lots Left to Right

276 , 308

Lots 359 to 404

Lot 393

This final section comprises of empty special albums from issuers such as Bibby (Trex), Charter Tea, Players & Wills to name a few starting from lot 359 down to 366. Further on we find another Star Trek lot this time from Topps, lot 386, which is Star Trek the Motion Picture but this set is the USA printing and that is why it has been estimated at £90 rather than £130. We know this as the USA printing is on grey card whilst the UK printing is on white. The next six lots are all tobacco then we get to lot 393, this is from J S Fry and is a small set of 15 cards titled China and Porcelain which is a more expensive lot at £150. Three final lots to highlight are lot 395, KRC International, which is a set of 70 large trade cards (LT) from Lucy Memories and Moments mint at £12. If you don’t know ‘Lucy’ this was a famous TV show the main star being Lucille Ball. Next is Monsterwax USA promo set The Art of H.G. Wells, lot 402 estimated at £6. Lot 407 is an individual promo card from Topps and is Indiana Jones Masterpieces number P1 issued in 2008 which we have estimated at £2. The final 5 to 8 lots consist of luxury albums and leaves and Lobo Portugal sets. Happy reading & good luck! 

Lots Left to Right 386 , 402 , 407

The Catalogue, which contains a full description of all 418 lots, can be obtained FREE of charge by writing to The London Cigarette Card Company Limited at the address below or by telephone, fax or e-mail (see request form at the bottom of the page). A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet, which comes with the free auction catalogue, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner.

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