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Lot 289

Another auction is now complete and ready to review. This month sees 404 lots a little under average for our auctions, but still jam-packed with a wide variety of lots from cigarette to trade cards, Collectors Tins, Coupons & Albums. If you need any questions answered about any of the lots in our auction please do not hesitate to give us a call. If you have never bid in our auctions, again do not hesitate to contact us and we can give you help to understand how it all works. That being said let us get on with reviewing this month’s auction. As we normally do, I have singled out one lot to bring forward and highlight in the introduction. This is Lot 289, a complete set from the tobacco manufacturer Hudden & Co and known as Flags of All Nations. The set of 25 cards includes nations such as USA, Great Britain, France, Germany even Brazil, Persia & India, a great spread. Each card has two flags separated by a crest or shield of the country. This lot is slightly substandard but still worth the estimated price of £500 which is also the most expensive lot in the entire auction. For further information about any lot, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone 01458 273452 or via e-mail

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Lots 1 to 90

Lot 17

This first section has 3 lots over £300, they are lots 1, 16 & 17. Lot 1 is an A & BC Gum part set LT65/86 Footballers Scottish 2nd Series issued in 1970 estimated at £320. The next two are complete sets, Lots 16 & 17, firstly lot 16 is F & J Smith Cinema Stars from 1920 in very good condition estimated at £300 (catalogue value). These like most of the other F & J Smith sets are wonderfully produced and are a joy to look through, in addition like other series these have mixed backs where the bottom of each card has different adverts such as Smith’s Sun Cured Mixture or Smith’s Studio Cigarettes. Then lot 17 is T Nicholls Orders of Chivalry from 1916, slightly substandard at £340 rather than £400. Another A & BC Gum lot, Lot 13, this time a set of Footballers 2nd Series issued in the same year 1970 but these are the orange backs. Players include Gordon Banks, Willie Morgan and Harry Redknapp not forgetting Geoff Hurst, so many names I can’t list them all but definitely one to bid on, it has been assessed as mint and valued at £85. Other less expensive lots include Lot 78, Nabisco Footballers 1970 estimated at £65 and Lot 89 two “LT” sets from Comic Images and they are Ghost Riders 1st & 2nd Series which together are just £20. Having a look through the type cards a couple to highlight include Kinnear Jockeys, the Finlay card without Printed in England, valued at £55 (Lot 40) and H C Lloyd Academy Gems, the card titled Children Charles 1, which is the red brown tint issue with Cherry Pie on the back, Lot 41 estimated at £40. One other type card to mention within this list is Lot 50, Richmond Cavendish Beauties ‘AMS’ The Absent Minded Beggar this is from 1899 yet still classed as good, it has been estimated at £40. The section finishes with 3 Card Collector Society Reprints two being corner mounted into black album pages and their own information sheet and a couple of Trade Sets.

Lots Left to Right

1 , 78 , 89

Lots 91 to 180

Lot 108

Moving on to the next section, and starting with Lot 102 is a set in very good condition which has been estimated at catalogue price of £130 and is from R & J Hill Famous Footballers Shoreditch address. Next we find 3 lots together, Lots 107,108,109. Firstly Anstie Nature Notes a complete set with only a few substandard or less than good, the remainder all in very good condition thus being estimated at £385, next (108) Gallaher Votaries of the Weed estimated at £340 This is a fantastic lot and although not a complete set (49/50) minus 1 card, number 38, it’s still one I personally would have in a heartbeat, very well produced with some clever drawings and on the reverse text explaining the picture on the front. Finally F Warne Domestic Animals (lot 109) valued at £40. This particular set comes with its special presentation box. The box unfortunately does have creases but apart from that the cards are in top condition. Other lots include 115, R & J Hill Famous Engravings Series XI these are sized 60 x 61mm. There are one or two artists that keep cropping up within this set such as G Morland and F Wheatley and some great art work here, this has been estimated at £90. Follow the list down and we eventually get to the type cards, starting at lot 127 which is from Cope and is titled Cope Golfers. This particular card is No.23 “A Duffers Stroke” and is the wide version issued in 1900 which has been estimated at £80 in very good condition. Others include Lot 129, Glass Tobacco UK Russo-Japanese Series from 1904 this card is titled Admiral Saito and is £45. Other type cards include F & J Smith, Wills, BAT, also 9 Variety lots (161 to 169). Finishing this section is Lot 180, Ogdens Guinea Golds Set 75S base DB estimated at £12, if you need to know more about this set please use the Ogdens reference book, reference OG.350S, if you do not have this book we can supply it at £24.00.

Lots Left to Right

109 , 127

Lots 181 to 270

Lot 216

The first 20 or so lots are a mixture of Tobacco and Trade sets and part sets such as J F Sporting Football Stars of the Seventies, Ogdens Records of the World and Mitchell A Model Army. We then get to Lot 202, a R J Reynoldsset known as Snapshots of Century, a modern tobacco issue (2002) estimated at £40. These cards feature five eras and seven categories – Transportation, Architecture, Dance & Music, Men’s Fashion Women’s Fashion, Leisure Time and Technology, something different for the cigarette card collector. Four lots down, 206, is a Bazooka Joe part set (28 out of 36 cards) titled Bazooka Joe and his Gang. This is a waxed paper issue and are cartoon like strips estimated at £75. From Lot 216 is our Brooke Bond section, 21 in total, including a Brooke Bond USA set of 48 cards called Butterflies of North America CU8 issued in 1965, mostly in very good condition this has been estimated at £210 rather than £250 if the complete set was in top condition. After that sees the type cards starting from 238 including Lot 240 Klene Gum Val Footer Footballers number 42, H Carter from Sunderland, this was issued in 1936 and in good condition is estimated at £32. Next is Lot 265, this seems to always be popular in our auctions and it is by Topps UK  and is from the Match Attax 2015-16 series, this type card is the Bronze Limited Edition Foil card of Olivier Giroud estimated at £7 if you fancy. Then next up we also have the Silver Foil Limited Edition card (Lot 266). Other items include Match Attax Tins estimated at £10 each and Liebigs (4 in total) it ends with Lot 270, two trade sets combined, Aliens the movie and James Bond, valued at £12.

Lots Left to Right

206 , 265

Lots 271 to 360

Lot 320

Many sets are worth mentioning, but we start with Lot 286, Magnet Library a small set of 4 cards called Football Teams issued in 1923. These black and white team photographs include Birmingham FC, Crystal Palace FC, The Scottish National Team and The Wednesday FC on the backs with lists of all the players within the photo and this has been estimated at £16. Further down finds Lot 290, Cohen Weenen, Wonders of the World which on the backs of each card it states Series No.6 but does not number the individual cards. Some of the illustrations include The Leaning Tower, Pisa and The Falls of Niagara, it has been estimated at £200. Ten lots down is 300, it is from the issuer Wills and is a large size set of 25 cards titled Golfing 1924 valued £185. Type cards in this section start from lot 310 and one that is clearly a stand out card, again from Wills, is from the series of Celebrated Painters Peter Paul Rubens UNISSUED plain back, Lot 313, valued at £250 and the most expensive individual card in the entire auction. Others include G Prudhoe Army Pictures, Cartoons etc estimated at £140 finally Lot 333 Pattreiouex, Footballers No.F215 Nottingham Forrest valued at £50. Also within the type cards here you will find early Chinese cards (323 to 331). Type cards finish at lot 339. After these there are sets which include J Millhoff Famous Test Cricketers from 1925 mostly in very good condition at £150 (Lot 344) and R & J Hill Inventors and their Inventions 2nd Series, lot 345 (estimated at £120). A non-tobacco set close by is Lot 354 a set of large cards, 48 in total, from Merrysweets called World Racing 1959. These include Mercedes 125, B.R.M and the Ferrari Dino 246 however my favourite would have to be the Aston Martin DBRI 300, it has been valued at £150. This section finishes with several sets by Rockwell, Lot 360, at £29. 

Lots Left to Right

290 , 300 , 354

Lots 361 to 404

Lot 372

A very busy last 44 lots, start with Lot 362 Anstie, Racing Series estimated at £100, this is a Jockey and horse racing set with no borders wonderfully produced, names such as Major Fetherstonhaugh and Baron Rothschild feature. Each card has the Jockey sat on the horse with an outside setting for the background on the reverse is the advert for Anstie and its tobacco. Next is Lot 365, from British Automatic Co which is called Space Travel this is a small size card with the weights of people of the time stamped on the reverse and has been valued at £60. A larger lot is 372, CadburyFlag Series” which is the horizontal format. Other items include autographic & promo cards such as Lot 379 Cards Inc Thunderbirds Are Go and Lot 380, Cult-Stuff Art of Burlesque Khandie Khisses estimated at £20. One other autograph card worth mentioning is Lot 381 by Rittenhouse, it is from the series The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen and is number A4 David Hedison as Captain Lee Crane in the show Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, issued in 2003, estimated at £18. The last few lots see a Dart USA empty album/folder for Betty Boop and a Society Catalogue from The Coronation Cartophilic (Exchange) Club from 1937. An interesting read this is Lot 399 and we haven’t put a price on this so name your price. Happy reading and good luck! STEVE LAKER

Lots Left to Right 

379 , 380

The Catalogue, which contains a full description of all 404 lots, can be obtained FREE of charge by writing to The London Cigarette Card Company Limited at the address below or by telephone, fax or e-mail (see request form at the bottom of the page). A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet, which comes with the free auction catalogue, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner.

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