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Lot 20

Summer is upon us and this month’s auction will certainly brighten your day. It is full of fantastic lots from just a couple of pounds up to the most expensive at £700. This is Lot 20, and is our star lot for June. It was extremely hard to decide this as there were so many to choose from as you whill find out in this preview.  To highlight further lot 20 is a complete set from Taddy and is the series Famous Jockeys.  To be more accurate it is the series without frame line and blue title issued around 1905 and the set has been assessed as good to very good with some with foxing on the backs. Normally it would be valued at £900 if in top condition however taking the condition into account, Famous Jockeys has been estimated at £700. For further information about any lot, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone 01458 273452 or via e-mail 

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Lots 1 to 90

Lot 19

We start at lot 2, a complete set from Fantasy Trade Card Co USA titled Robotech The Macross Saga 1986. I had to do my research on this set as I wanted to find out what this was, my conclusion is that it is from a comic TV series which was also turned into a computer game for kids of the time. The cards have been drawn in a manga style comic sketch, so if you like that style of comic then this is worth bidding on as it has been estimated at just £12 in FCC condition. There are a couple of expensive lots further down not including lot 20 and already mentioned in the introduction, namely lots 19 & 24. Lot 19 is R & J Hill Famous Cricketers at £180. These are sepia photos from 1923 with no borders on the fronts and each card having a couple of paragraphs on the reverse about the cricketer. Lot 24 is next, Wills Overseas Sporting Girls issued in 1913, a wonderfully created set depicting various women doing sporting events such as archery, fishing, dancing and skiing. What also makes it an interesting set is all these women that have been drawn are immaculately dressed, even poker and shooting make an appearance, well worth a bid as the estimated price is £120. Many other lots feature from issuers such as JF Sporting Collectibles, Churchman & A & BC Gum. Type cards start from lot 41 and the first 4 are all by F & J Smith ranging from £12 to £18. We then come to lot 47, Wills Japanese Series No.17 issued around the 1900s, valued at £32 in good condition. After the Type cards, empty albums feature as well as an empty sweet cigarette packet from Barratt (lot 84), for Huckleberry Hound & Friends. The packet is flattened measuring 90 x 73mm and has been valued at £18. The next two lots to be mentioned both fall into the rare and scarce group. Firstly lot 85, a scarce extra-large silk (size 394 x 262mm) from Gentlewomen. This is from the Christmas & Event, Satin Supplement and is a Portrait of Mrs Siddons (Sarah) who was a famous actress born 1755 and died 1831, it has been estimated at £100. The second RARE lot is 87, an Original Artist Painting from Wild Flowers 1st by Wills valued at £200. This is a very rare opportunity to bid on one of the original artist drawings from this set. This type of item doesn’t not come around very often and has been fantastically framed to really make is a unique piece. Lot 90 which ends this section is a set of 72 cards from Carreras Popular Personalities oval cards all stuck into their special album in good condition estimated at £32.

Lots Left to Right

2 , 87 , 24

Lots 91 to 180

Lot 118

This second section starts with various lots from cigarette, trade and bubble gum manufacturers. We also see Liebigs, lots from 167 to 171 which range from F1089 In Palestine to F1847 Crowns II. However, moving back towards the start, lot 102 is a News Chronicle set of 12 large sized cards called Cricketers England v S Africa 1955 issued in1955. These 12 cards are photographic and have the players’ names and counties they played for on the front, whilst on the backs are adverts for the issuer. It has been estimated at £130 due to a couple of cards being sub-standard. Two pre-1918 sets I want to mention are both together, lots 107 & 108. Firstly 107 this is from Richard Lloyd tobacco firm and is called Scenes from San Toy issued around 1905. They are plain back cards with pictures of Chinese men and women but funnily enough there are a couple depicting a Western man and a woman. All pictures seem to be in great order, however there is some slight foxing on the backs so it has been valued at £100 rather than £110 because of this. Next is 108, Gallaher Regimental Colours & Standards Nd 151-200 generally in good to very good condition estimated at £320. They include 3rd Dragoon Guards (Prince of Wales), The 1st bat. Seaforth Highlanders and The Royal Munster Fusiliers, all in great detail and colourful, a must for any Military collector. Next a trade set which will bring attention to itself is lot 117, Cadet Sweets Doctor Who & the Daleks from 1968, need I say any more about this lot, it should have many bids and has the estimate of £175. A part set of value is the medium size cards 39 out of 71 Footballers Scottish 2nd Series (purple backs) by A & BC Gum which is valued at £185. Type cards feature from lot 131 which include issuers such as John Sinclair, North Country Celebrities (lot 159) at £75 & 3 separate lots from Barratt Famous Footballer Series A4 to A9. The section finishes with empty cigarette packets. 

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107 , 117

Lots 181 to 270

Lot 207

Close to the start of this 90-lot section sees a Clevedon Confectionery Dan Dare part set with an UNRECORDED colour, lot 189, (valued £125). See Discoveries for further information but in short we have seen three different colours light blue, black and a darker blue/purple, other series have been recorded as having these colours but this particular one only has the two recorded. Next, we have a couple of wonderful examples of pre1918 lots such as lot 196 Morris set of 25 medium silks English & Foreign Birds issued around 1905 estimated at £100 and two right next to each other lots 199 & 200. Firstly lot 199,  is Cope Flags of Nations which is the Bond of Union back except for Portugal which is plain back. Issued in 1904 it is in good condition and valued at £300. Next 200 is Interesting Buildings from 1905 issued by Hignett and estimated at £280. It is another excellently produced set with wonderful detail. It reminds me of the F & J Smith Tour Round the World series in its lay out and is worth every penny of its estimation. A more modern set now, lot 207 Master Vending Chewing Gum Football Tips 1958 valued at £85. These, if you don’t know, were drawn by the well-known artist Paul Trevillion who turned 83 years old recently. Lot 215 is where Brooke Bond starts & they finish at lot 234. One worth mentioning is lot 222 a special album for the Canadian issue Dinosaurs which is valued at £90 in very good condition. After this are the type cards, examples include  R & J Hill Famous Cricketers from 1912 (lot 241) estimated at £50 & Typhoo Puzzle Pictures £34 (242). Finally, a Wills specialist lot of 200th Anniversary Presentation box with gold and silver decks of cards estimated £90 (lot 264). The section finishes with two lots of magazines and a set from Score USA.

Lots Left to Right

200 , 264

Lots 271 to 360

Lot 293

We start Initially with lot 272, Topps UK Footballers 1980, which are classed as a set of 66 cards (large trade “LT” size) however there are in fact 3 miniature cards to every card thus being 198 cards all numbered 1 to 198 and names include Kenny Dalglish, Ray Wilkins and Graeme Souness just to name three. This set is in mint condition and has been valued at £70. Further down is an unusual lot (277) issued by Sears Rosebuck USA a set of 65 cards titled Craftsmen Collector Cards Set 2. A very basic set in its design where by each card has an image of a tool with information about it on the reverse, a real quirky set estimated at just £20. Next sees three lots totalling over £1000 all-together Lots 287, 288 & 289, are Barratt Test Cricketers by E.W Swanton £210, G Phillips Chinese Series estimated £220 & F & J Smith Derby Winners valued at £600. These three lots are mainly in very good condition with only a small handful slightly substandard so it will be interesting to see what these go for in the auction. A SCARCE trade set features from Trade Cards Europe/Futera and is Celtic F.C. (lot 293). These have a gold edge to each card and were issued in 2000 and estimated at £28 in mint condition. 8 varieties feature here from 349 to 356, issuers such as Carreras, Millhoff, Wills and Wix are all included. The section finishes with a Panini UK Sticker set with special album (E.T. The Extra Terrestrial – The Movie). All the stickers are loose and the lot is in FCC condition (Finest Collectable Condition) and valued at £22.

Lots Left to Right  272 , 289

Lots 361 to 404

Lot 382

Starting with a substandard Wills lot, it has multiple complete sets with one part set normal catalogue value of £210 but due to the condition has been estimated at just £26. Soon after two trade sets both valued over £150, lot 364 Watford Biscuits Cinema Stars at £150 followed by lot 365 Commodex Gum 120 Super Cars 1970 estimated at £265. After looking through this set, Super Cars doesn’t necessarily do the set justice, I would have possibly called it Cars Through Time or along those lines. All the cards are numbered and the cars have been put into sequence according to when they were made, so card number 1 is the James of Great Britain made in 1828, a beast that could hold up to 18 passengers and with a top speed of a whopping 12 mph, which wasn’t bad considering it only has 15-20 bhp. The last card depicts a Lotus Europe Series 1 made in 1967 although this isn’t the fastest car in the set, that is a tie between two cars. A B.R.M G.P, 1951 & Ferrari 118 Le Mans 1955 both with a top speed of 200mph but they are both single seater race cars. A tobacco lot of slightly less value is lot 382 Players Bonzo Dogs by G.E. Studdy valued at £90. The auction finishes with Promo cards and Autographs such as lot 399 Cornerstone USA Hammer Horror Series 2 Ingrid Pitt valued at £50. Happy reading & good luck!

Lots Left to Right

365 , 399

The Catalogue, which contains a full description of all 404 lots, can be obtained FREE of charge by writing to The London Cigarette Card Company Limited at the address below or by telephone, fax or e-mail (see request form at the bottom of the page). A guide to how we assess condition and how to bid can be found on the bidding sheet, which comes with the free auction catalogue, so it couldn't be easier if you are an auction beginner.

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